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Is it effiective to divide a Dynamic remaketing list?

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I was set Dynamic remaketing code using GA (GTM), GMC and Adwords in my website and then i made some of dynamic remarketing Ad.


I made remaketing list like All visitors, Product viewers, Searchers ....and i conneted GMC feed with Adwords.

Ad is work but is this all of remarketing ad i can do ?


remaketing lists has same product feed and there are no settings about ads.

Is it effective to divide a remarketing list?

Will remarketing ads work differently depending on the remarketing list?


Thank you.

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Is it effiective to divide a Dynamic remaketing list?

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Hi there,


The difference between remarketing and dynamic remarketing is that dynamic remarketing will show products in the ads that people looked at on your website. 


If all of your products are similar it doesn't make a lot of difference, but if you have a wide variety of products it can be very effective - showing a picture of pet cage to someone who looked at that product, or a ladder to someone who looked at that.


Is it effiective to divide a Dynamic remaketing list?

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Setting up multiple ad groups targeting different sets of users lists and user list age is a very effective way to bid differently.

A user that is added to a list 30 days ago vs 7 days has a huge value difference.


So splitting up remarketing lists is indeed an important element. I recommend experimenting.


Hope it helps

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Re: Is it effiective to divide a Dynamic remaketing list?

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yes, dividing remarketing lists is a critical factor in
determining the effectiveness of dynamic-remarketing --
dynamic-remarketing does not use merely lists; the
lists may be considered targeted advertising audiences.

ads are therefore more personalized and tailored to a specific subset of users.

there are fewer settings with dynamic remarking primarily because google's
algorithms accumulate information, over time, about users and about the
specific products being sold; if there is enough correlation between the two,
as compared against the audience-lists, then much more targeted ads are
more likely to show to a specific subset of potential customers, who have
previously shown some interest in a particular product, and are therefore
more likely to convert.

as was indicated, experimentation can be critical --
a best-practice is to carefully measure results,
before, during, and after, using dynamic-remarketing,
to help determine effectiveness over time.