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Irrelavent Google Shopping Ads being shown.

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A search for "mg6250 ink" on will return 3 or 4 of our Google Shopping ads (our site is "INKredible")

Unfortunately, the wrong products are often shown. Sometimes the ink for the mg6250 is shown correctly, so I know it's searchable. More often than not though the wrong products are shown.


The result is wasted clicks (and cost) for us, and poor relevancy for the searcher which I'm sure Google doesn't want.


Thanks for any help

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Re: Irrelavent Google Shopping Ads being shown.

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Make sure the titles and description describe only the product itself and no details are related to other products.
Also make sure your GTIN and other values are correctly added to prevent miss representation.

To prevent ads from showing for keywords you do not want to show for, simply add it as a negative keyword. Do note that as you are trying to eliminate on a product level make sure you create ad groups per product, as this is the only way to exclude search terms per product.

Do note this method is not very good as its a pretty big setup.
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Re: Irrelavent Google Shopping Ads being shown.

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Hi Emmanuel,


Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate your time.


The titles for the irrelevant and relevant products are totally different. As are the descriptions, GTIN's,  MPN's, Pictures - everything.


I've attached a screen shot of a search I did this afternoon. It's great we have 6 ads! But 4 are for totally irrelevant products. Searchers are clicking these irrelevant products and landing on pages that are no good to them. Costing us money and frustrating the user.


This is made even worse on mobile as the titles are not even visible on the Google search page. The user just sees a row of images. They will only know they have clicked on an irrelevant product once they are on our website and we have incurred a cost.


We see this pattern across hundreds of products and searches.


Thank you for your suggestion for a fix using negative keywords and separate adgroups, but separating thousands of products out into separate adgroups just isn't practical.


Can you/anyone suggest another way forward? Can anyone suggest why this is happening? It seems crazy Google is displaying irrelevant products when there are many other products in the feed that actual contain the keywords the user is searching for.


Thanks for any help





Re: Irrelavent Google Shopping Ads being shown.

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first, never rely entirely or mostly on what is returned for live-searches;
these results can be extremely skewed due to personalization and
similar factors -- rather, carefully analyze the search-term reports

and related data within the account.

ink is simply a very broad generic term -- after more exact terms have
been matched, google will typically attempt to match some combination
of the narrow and much more broad terms used by users and based
on their search history; the site itself could be relevant in this context.

about the only way google's default algorithms can be
mitigated somewhat is by user's -- e.g. using quotes

around terms or certain features inside googe-shopping.

as was indicated, about the only way forward is likely to attempt to isolate
such items and use negative-words on very broad terms and thereby begin
to allow only more exact terms to funnel through; related, carefully analyze
the search-reports and begin to remove any related terms, anyplace within
the submitted (feed) data, based on that analysis -- especially, but not just
limited to, titles and descriptions.

alternatively, simply remove such products altogether --
then, consider other campaign-types and ad-formats
where tighter controls are available -- e.g. exact-matches.