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Invalid colour name problem

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I have a very odd problem with my product feed. It has kicked out a few colours with a warning "Invalid color name in attribute: color". The colours are:


Black Check Print

Surf The Web

Black Purple Check

Formula One Red

Petit Four

Multi Colour

Back To Earth


These are all colours assigned to the products by the manufacturer, so I'd like them to appear in the listings. Any ideas why they're being rejected? I have various other odd named colours that have been approved.

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Re: Invalid colour name problem

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descriptive color values that are not actually valid color names
violate current google policies and are grounds for disapproval
and all items removed from the listings, at any time.

there is no such status as approved -- the fact that other such color

names have not been flagged does not necessarily indicate that the

those other color values are valid with respect to current policies --

the items may simply have not been flagged yet.

if an item has multiple colors, only up to three valid
color names are allowed -- in order of prominence --
delimited by a slash.

for example,


checkered might be used as a pattern value, not a color.

see also



Invalid colour name problem

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In case I have a product that can be customized by user. I have 2 options as customer go customize the product with only numbers and to fully customize with logo, image, text etc

Can i group these products? Also can I have

pattern: numbers for products with only numbers

pattern: fully customized for fully customized products?






Re: Invalid colour name problem

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this is a rather old thread.


generally, only an item-offer that is currently in physical

stock inventory may be submitted as a shopping-ad.


usually, shopping-ads require that the product information submitted

via the merchant-center match the product's landing-page -- exactly.


typically, submit either the fully configured item with an exact landing-page
and a corresponding exact price, or only submit the individual components

that are currently in stock, on hand, and in the merchant's possession.


each customized, in stock, variant, item-offer must be submitted individually
with an identical item_group_id and with, at least one, exact, single, color,
single pattern (logo), single material, or a single size, value that is unique

among all items in a variant-group, and conforms to all google's policies.


a number is never a valid color, pattern, or material, value.


otherwise, submitting such customized offers as in stock
is a policy violation and grounds for a disapproval or a
permanent suspension from the program, at any time.


however, there are many other campaign-types and ad-formats
that are available and may be a better fit for advertising
certain types of product-offers --