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Invalid attribute name: <item>

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Hi, we're getting an error after importing our shopping feed that we have an Invalid attribute name: <item>

Is there something that we should be using in place of "item"? 

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Invalid attribute name: &lt;item&gt;

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the invalid-attribute-name-item message typically indicates
that an xml-file being submitted is not properly formatted.


the feed-file being submitted must be in a google-supported format.

for a google-xml file that is properly formatted for rss-2.0
<item></item> are the proper tags that delimit a single

inventory item-offer -- but is not a google-attribute.

for a google-xml feed-file that is properly formatted for atom-1.0,
<entry></entry> are the proper tags that delimit a single item --
not <item></item>; <entry></entry> delimits a single inventory

item-offer, for atom-1.0, but is also not a google-attribute.

older versions of google rss/atom have different delimiters for an item-offer.


attributes are the additional google-defined element/tags that help describe

the details and physical characteristics of each item-offer, in a google-xml

product-feed file, that is submitted for shopping-ads -- for example:


note that a google-xml feed-files are
extensions of the standard formats,
so a standard rss/atom formatted file
cannot be submitted.

also, a best-practice is to name the file being
sent with an ending .xml (e.g. uk-inventory.xml).

however, this is primarily a public, peer-to-peer, community forum --
forum-members cannot look into any account or submitted-data details;
forum-members can mainly offer suggestions, based on what is posted.

posting, here in public, a public url link to the specific feed-file
being submitted and screen-captures of the specific messages
being seen, with some added context, information, and details,
may allow other forum-members to offer more specific suggestions.


otherwise, if a third-party is creating the feed file,

the third-party support-organization should likely

be contacted directly.

otherwise, google may be contacted directly,
so that a person can look into the account
and the submitted-data details.

see also