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Invalid GTIN for clothing unsure what to do

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I tried to submit my feed (we have kids clothing) but got a warning that my GTIN's were invalid.  Our products dont have GTIN's or MPN... but do have brands.  I've heard to use ‘identifier exists’ with a value of FALSE in these cases but i dont really know what that means.


Do I delete the GTIN column altogether and replace it with a column that says "identifer exists" and put FALSE in all of the boxes below?  Or do I leave the GTIN column up and somehow type in identifier exists false?


Then i also had heard that if you put false for GTIN then you must also get rid of brand and MPN but for us we need to have brand (MPN we dont).  So, i'm pretty stuck on where to go from here.  Any help would be much appreciated Smiley Happy Thanks!

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Re: Invalid GTIN for clothing unsure what to do

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the type of item determines what valid global-trade-data
(brand, mpn, gtin) must be submitted for a specific product --

valid global-trade-data must be assigned by manufacturers --
valid global-trade-data cannot be (self) assigned by merchants.

for gtin, the exact digits beneath the bar-code,
stamped on the product, must be submitted --

"kids clothing"
apparel clothing items do not require any gtin;
apparel clothing items do not require any mpn;
apparel clothing items only require a valid brand.

if all items are apparel clothing, simply submit a valid brand
and then delete mpn and gtin (columns) altogether --

otherwise, leave the values entirely blank (empty).

for apparel clothing items, only if a specific item does not have
a valid brand may the identifier_exists attribute be submitted
with a value of FALSE

as an aside, only apparel items in the explicit categories of

shoes, sunglasses, handbags, or watches, require a brand

and at least one other valid global-trade value (mpn or gtin).

yes, submitting any false, incorrect, invalid, or self-assigned
global-trade-data (mpn, gtin, brand) value or incorrectly or
improperly using identifier_exists, violates the policies and
is grounds for disapproval or suspension from the program,
at any time.