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Invalid GTIN Values

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Hello, I am new at Google Shopping. I currently sell on ebay and would like to expand. I sell Restoration parts for classic cars. These parts i get from a few different manufactures and even produce my own parts. I am having a problem right now with the GTIN Values. 


Excuse my lack of knowledge when it comes to this subject. Right now i have 23 Disapproved items and two Pending items that will problably be disapproved anyways. I have product part numbers and i also have a bar code scanner to get the UPS off of the items i am selling. All come up invalid. Is there a way around this? I have hundreds of products to put on my website and i keep running into this issue. All other minor issues like shipping and microdata i figured out and fixed. This is the only issue i need to get passed. Any suggestions?




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Invalid GTIN Values

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gtin must be valid, assigned by gs1, and designed for global-trade --
be absolutely certain that gtin is valid gs1, from the manufacturer,
and is being used to sell the exact same item from multiple-retailers,

before submitting such data.

otherwise, submit the identifier_exists attribute with a value of no -- then,
do not submit any brand, mpn or gtin for items with identifier_exists set no.

self-assigned or invalid global-trade-data is not allowed.

submitting invalid gs1 gtin is grounds for disapproval or suspension.

importantly perhaps, having items that are submitted from both a marketplace

venue such as ebay and a private site is also a policy violation and grounds

for disapproval or a (permanent) suspension from the program, at any time.

physical inventory items may be listed only once, per
target-country -- from only one, single, website/venue;

e.g. the same or similar items may be listed from either

a private website or a marketplace/venue such as ebay --

but never both.

see also

Invalid GTIN Values

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So do i make these changes on my website then upload the feed to the Merchant center? or do i make these changes in the Merchant center. 


I am hosting my website threw Bigcommerce. When i add an item i have a few different options under item details. 


Global trade item number ( do i leave this blank or put "No" Here )

Manufactures part number. ( this i have for all of my items )


Product UPC / EAN ( I can scan the bar code on most of my items and put the UPC Code in. ) 



Invalid GTIN Values

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normally, the changes are made at the source --
such as within the website's e-commerce system;
e.g. on bigcommerce.

if there is any question about the validity of the gs1 data, then do not
configure any brand or gtin (upc/ean/isbn/jan) or mpn -- and submit
the identifier_exists attribute with a value of no (false).


not that scanning a bar-code is not necessarily valid gs1(upc/ean) data --

some bar-codes are self-assigned, internal-codes, or not valid for global-trade.

if the item has valid gs1 gtin (upc/ean/isbn/jan), then
both gtin and brand must be submitted; mpn is optional,
may be left blank, and only allowed if the mpn value is
from the manufacturer -- all global-trade-data must be
both valid and from the manufacturer.

for details on how to submit proper gtin, brand, mpn, or identifier_exists
with respect to bigcommerce and which bigcommerce options correspond to
exact attribute data submitted to google -- the best likely course would be
to simply contact big-commerce support directly for exact instructions.

see also