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Integrated with Google Shopping on Shopify, looking to update product image on Merchant Center

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I have integrated my products through Shopify's Google Shopping app, and I currently have ads running for Google Shopping. I've recently changed the image on one of my products, but I cannot find out how to have the Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping ad images change as well. I've tried republishing the product to Google Merchant Center as well as removing the product from my store and re-adding it.  


Currently in the product's details on Google Merchant Center, it has a link to the correct image under "Information you provided us" but still shows the older image in the actual picture.  


I am hoping for some easy way to refresh the product's image without needing to create a new feed, but I understand if I'll have to go through and create a feed separately from Shopify's app.  



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Re: Integrated with Google Shopping on Shopify, looking to update product image on Merchant Center

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by default, google may take up to a few months or more
to re-crawl and re-cache existing images with changes --

one method to help force google's image crawl and cache update-frequency,
is to rename the fixed image file (name), move the image-file to a different
directory/folder, and add a url-parameter to the image's url -- then, update
the image_link url within the existing submitted data and resubmit the same

item, using the same, exact, id, and the same upload/submit method.

this usually helps google re-crawl, re-index, and re-cache, the product image,
which may sometimes take many months if the same image file is are used.
the product's current image (image_link url):

the same product's updated image with a forced (new) image_link url:


google may still take a few days or weeks to update the image's cache.

if shopify is being used, shopify support would likely need
to be consulted with respect to such image (file) updates.

otherwise, updating google's image-cache cannot be forced directly by merchants.

as to creating a (new) feed -- never register a feed to fix such issues
and never mix upload methods to submit any inventory product data --
these will not effect google's caching of image data.

mixing methods to handle inventory data -- via an app, via the api directly,
via a spreadsheet, via a new feed, via direct (deletes) in the merchant-center,
etc, will typically confuse google to an extreme degree and cause many many

unintended issues, that can be terribly difficult and time-consuming to resolve.

generally, choose only one, single, method and stick with that method.


if a feed is used, use one feed, use the same feed for any and all updates;
if an app is used, use the same app for all updates -- if app-updates occur
on the e-commerce system, only make changes on the e-commerce system,
only re-submit data from the e-commerce site -- never the merchant-center.

contacting shopify-support directly for more
specific help and guidance is likely best.