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Increase headline text charecter limit

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Hello Community,


Now that with recent update of Google serp wont be showing Right side ads, can we expect Google to allow headline text to be more than 25 charecters.Considering we are not targeting mobile devices.


Also can we expect a hike in bidding as more and more advertisers try to bid for only top positions?





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Re: Increase headline text charecter limit

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Hi Bharath,

I have read a lot about this topic and I haven't heard anyone theorize that AdWords will increase the character limit for headlines on desktop. There are a couple theories relating to this:
1) One reason Google got rid of right side ads was so that the user experience of the search engine results page was similar across devices. If this is true then they probably wouldn't change the character limits.
2) If Google increased the headline character restrictions on desktop it would make it more difficult for advertisers to use their ads on mobile and therefore advertise on that device.

Lastly, we can expect a rise in cost per click. There will be fewer text-ad impressions available on the first page so advertisers will have to increase bids to remain on the page, and especially above the fold!
Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Top Contributor, LinkedIn
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Re: Increase headline text charecter limit

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In some languages the character limit is longer. . you may want to see if that applies to your market.

Re: Increase headline text charecter limit

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note that the character limit for an attribute is strictly
defined by the target-country's (feed) specifications.

for example, title for a u.s. feed has a 150 character limit.

the number of characters that might be used for an ad's display
vary by many factors -- including ad-placement, the search-terms
used to trigger the ad, the google domain, where the user is
searching within the domain, a user's interaction with the ad
such as hovering, the various display-related options within
google-shopping, etc. -- there is no strict limit.

for example, google may display only the first 20, 25, 50, or 64
or so characters of the title -- depending on the ad's context.

google constantly experiments with the format and display
of product-listing-ads; those details can change at any time.

importantly perhaps, all characters submitted can be indexed
and used for searches -- regardless of how many characters
may be seen when an ad is displayed, in a particular context.

the quality of both display and search relevancy should be taken into account.