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Incorrect disapprovals due to incorrect price

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For some reason on some products google picks up the sale % as a price and claims the incorrect price.

For example here it think the price is $10:


The pages even have the pricing metadata, although Google doesn't seem to be using that, at least in this case.


Any ideas?

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Re: Incorrect disapprovals due to incorrect price

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Hi there,
I've seen this happen with a few of our customers and it's possibly to do with the sale price.
Do you have the price set as the pre-sale price and in your feed, the sale price attribute set with the sale price on the site? You also need to add a correctly formatted date range for the sale in the sale date field.

I believe this was done to stop people just "claiming" that a sale is happening when in reality, there isn't.

Check above and let me know.

Re: Incorrect disapprovals due to incorrect price

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As per Google's Recommendation the first price or figure visible needs to be the Price which its sold at than all other prices and figures need to be behind or below it preferable in a different element.
On your site the first thing visible is sale %.

Swap it around and you will should be approved again.

Another additional little mention
The font of the price needs to be equal or greater than any other prices.

Kind regards, Emmanuel.
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