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In Merchant center my products is not listed

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In merchant center my products are not listed on the products page. 

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Re: In Merchant center my products is not listed

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try simply checking again in a few hours or so.

items may sometimes take 24-72 hours or so to update under the
products-tab, after the data has been successfully re-uploaded.

check the date and time the items were submitted, against the uploaded
time under the feeds or api-diagostics tabs and against the created and
last-update times and dates listed under the products-tab, after clicking
on an item's title.

also, be certain that the items are not being submitted via the content-api --
generally, items submitted via the api cannot also be submitted using a feed.

also, be certain that no id value has changed for any submitted items.

otherwise, a merchant-center product-listing-ads
support-specialist may be contacted directly to
look into all submitted data and both accounts.

Re: In Merchant center my products is not listed

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I'm having this issue too, with multiple clients. These are clients with 60,000+ skus and regular uploads. I've triple checked the feeds and the uploads, everything went through and Merchant Center received the feeds and processed them. And yet the products tabs are empty and when I search for products using and exact match search of their titles from the feed they don't show in Google Shopping. I'm already on the phone with support and they have no idea what is happening.

Re: In Merchant center my products is not listed

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The most basic step which has not been mentioned before is ensure that you have no data feed errors. When submitting 50 products and you have 50 errors than non will be submitted.

You can check if you have no critical errors in your data feed by logging in to Google Merchant > Feeds > Click on your feed.
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Re: In Merchant center my products is not listed

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this particular issue is likely unrelated to feed errors.

to verify this, check the last-update-on, date and time --
after the products-tab item details have been updated --
against the submitted date and time.

an update issue likely shows the same time frames;
a feed error would show unrelated last-update times.

also, items would not normally simply disappear from the products-tab --

even if there were feed errors for every item -- unless the items also

expired prior to or during processing; which is one reason why items

should be resubmitted at least 5-days before their expiration date.


otherwise, checking for feed errors is always a good first-step.