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Importing Feed Issue: Missing products

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When i am importing my feed for google shopping from my website it seems to completely ignore certain products. They neither are approved disapproved or have an error against them? They dont seem to register in the feed at all?


I have 474 items in my store but the feed is only processing 389? this number seems to be around the same whenever I manually fetch or auto updates


Why is this the case? Is there any way to fix this?



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Importing Feed Issue: Missing products

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such issues may relate to using more than one registered-feed -- only one,
single, feed per target-country is recommended and multiple feeds across
target-countries may cause issues, deleting a feed -- generally, never delete
the one registered-feed unless a person at google indicates to do so, missing
a required attribute-value for an item, the type of feed (xml or tab-delimited),

a single item-offer that is on more than one line (for a tab-delimited feed),
using an undocumented feed-type (such as csv), invalid special-characters,
a file exceeding google's file-size limits, an incomplete-file due to network
or related issues, unsupported characters or invalid, incorrect, or mixed
character-encodings, not submitting variants properly such as without a

an item_group_id, mishandling of id -- generally, an id value should never
ever change once assigned to a physical-inventory-item, id values should

never  be reused for any other item, and a best-practice is to use a mix

both of letters-and-numbers for id (e.g. abc123uk), or the items are

overridden by being (automatically) submitted using another method,

such as the api, etc.

the best likely course would be to check the feed-status details by clicking on
the feed-name under the products-feeds-tab, in the merchant-center-account,
and use the download-full-report-link -- to verify there are no missed issues;

google may only show a subset or examples of possible issues in the account.

also, some feed related issues may result in google silently ignoring items --
try using the download-file link, to download the data the google is seeing --
and carefully hand-inspect the missing item within the downloaded feed data,

especially a few lines before and after the missing items.

also, click on the settings link to verify there are no settings conflicts --
such as (mismatched) encoding or use-quoted-fields not corresponding

to all the data being submitted.

also, click on the schedule link to verify there are no scheduled-fetch issues.

also, click on the feed-rules link to verify there are
no conflicting feed-rules that may be blocking items.

also, check the api-diagnostics area of the merchant-center-account to
be certain that items are not being submitted with multiple methods.

otherwise, forum-members cannot look into any accounts or feed details --
posting screen-captures of the products-feeds tab showing the registered
feed, the specific feed's status, settings, schedule, and feed-rules pages,
and a public url-link to the exact feed-file being submitted to google,
may help others offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, the best likely course would be to simply contact google directly --
asking for a shopping-ad/merchant-center support-specialist sometimes helps.