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I have tried to follow the image suggestions and I have submitted large size images, plus additional images. I provided images that were in a large format, with high resolution. This seemed to be what he instructions required. When my adds appear, they are only showing as 225 x 225 pixels. There is no zoom feature enabled . In addition, I have submitted  several extra images and none of those are showing.

I am sure that I am doing something wrong, just can't figure out what it is.

One more item, it seems that the description is being limited to around 150 characters, without a 'more' feature being enabled. I thought that up to 500 characters were allowed.


Thanks for your help,

Gerry Barr

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September 2015

Re: Images

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Hello Gerry B,

Images in Ads are small. You can see original images in high resolution directly in Google shopping interface.


Also about Description attribute from Google product feed. The character limit is 5000. Recommended amount is somewhere between 500 and  1000 characters.


More about attribute Description in: Products Feed Specification



Re: Images

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there is simply a difference between what google requires,
recommends, or allows, and what might be used or displayed
in a specific context.

depending on what features are selected within google-shopping,
where the ad might be shown, and the type of item, google may
decide to display larger or only smaller reduced image sizes.

google may or may not use additional_image_link images -- again, usually
depending on the features, ad location, and product category of the ad;
be certain all additional_image_link images adhere to all google's rules
and policies, such as no promotional-text or watermarks, to increase the
probability that google may show additional images in other contexts --
the highest probability of additional images being displayed are currently
for apparel related items but, google is constantly experimenting with
new and different features and display-formats for all items.

as somewhat of an aside, for large images, be certain that
the website and web-server can keep pace with all google's
crawl requests -- if a site cannot keep pace then, smaller
images, on the order of 300x300 pixels or so, may be the
largest practical size that can be submitted.

as to description, title, and other attribute lengths -- google typically
indexes all attribute data submitted; the entire length of characters for
all attributes may be used in determining relevance and quality and to
match an item to a user's search-query; however, depending on ad-features,
ad-location, product categories, and many other factors, google may choose
to display only a snippet.

for example, while google recommends around 500-characters and up to
5,000 characters are allowed for description -- only submit relevant,
high-quality, information that describes the physical item and adheres
to all google's rules -- such as no html, no formatting information,
no promotional-text, no shipping or store information, etc; then, all
information submitted will be used to determine relevance and quality
and the ad's context will determine what snippet might be displayed.

similarly with a title, only 25-70 characters or so may be displayed
depending on the context -- however, all characters, up to 150, will
be indexed and used for search, relevance, and to determine quality.

always check the data-feed status and verify that all data and images
have been processed properly and can be seen by google -- by clicking
on the item's title within the products-tab of the merchant-center.

generally, currently, google decides the format
and display details of all product-listing-ads--
but all information submitted and on the website
may be used to determine relevance and quality.