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Images Disapproved and I don't know why

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Since Before Christmas, every new product I add to our website catalogue get disapproved by the Google feed for Invalid Images. I have changed nothing from the other 2900 + items we sell and all have images. The dimensions and specifications have not changed and it is very frustrating as I don't know why they have been disapproved and no idea what needs to be fixed to make them valid.


Any suggestions please.

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Re: Images Disapproved and I don't know why

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google is constantly checking and rechecking all submitted data, images,
landing-pages, ecommerce-checkout, sites, supply-chains, businesses,
business-practices, business-models, etc., against all current policies,
rules, specifications, and requirements -- nothing needs to be changed

to trigger a policy-flag, at any time.


generally, if the website cannot keep pace with all google's crawl requests
or google finds an issue with the image, after more careful analysis, then
the image may be flagged for a policy violation, at any time.


also, multiple issues may trigger a single disapproval.


also, some policy-flags are only examples of issues --
all related data and images should be hand-inspected
to avoid future disapproval based on similar issues.


unfortunately, forum-members cannot look into any accounts --
forum-members can mainly offer suggestions based on the
information posted here within the public forum.


posting a specific feed-entry, specific url-link to the exact image being
submitted, and a screen-capture of the exact messages being seen,

may help others offer more specific suggestions.


be certain to remove any personal or private information -- such as
email details or account-number -- before posting to the public forum.


otherwise, the best likely course is to contact google directly:


see also


Images Disapproved and I don't know why

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I recommend for us to assist you to give us a sample of the data you submit. Otherwise our suggestions are going to be basic and might not be very helpful.


The only thing I could suggest is to ask for further information at Google Adwords

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