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If I add products to an existing Shopping feed - entire feed get reviewed or just the new products?

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I plan to use one feed, but to regularly add products to it for the foreseeable future. I want to make sure that I'm not going to pause the entirety of the feed for review every time I add new products. Thanks in advance for any insight!

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If I add products to an existing Shopping feed - entire feed get reviewed or just the new products?

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Your feed will still be in use while updating. After you upload an updated feed, Google will scan the entire feed to check for errors or warnings. There are a couple of options for uploading a feed, just make sure it is updated at least every 30 days. 


Check out this article on updating a feed for more info:

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Re: If I add products to an existing Shopping feed - entire feed get reviewed or just the new produc

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normally, use only one, single, feed for all product inventory items;

register the feed only once and use the same feed for all updates,

including changes, additions, deletions, or simply re-submissions --

any missing item from the feed, based on id, is considered a delete.


google tracks items by id.

id is tied to one, single, physical item-offer;
id must be unique per item submitted; id can

never, ever, change for a physical item-offer --

regardless of how the item is submitted;

the single feed (file) can handle about 100,000 inventory items (id's).

usually, the newly registered feed triggers a three-day review, by default.

an automated, superficial, review, is triggered for the entire feed, each time
the feed is resubmitted/re-uploaded -- the feed (items) must be re-submitted
at least monthly, typically 3-5 days before the feed expires -- or immediately,
after any critical change to a website landing-page, or the on-hand physical
stock inventory, availability, of an item, occurs.


google also crawls the website, landing-pages, and images regularly --

especially after a re-upload, but google may re-crawl sites at any time.


feed process status reviews are under the products-feeds tab,

after clicking the feed-name; website, landing-pages, images,

and high-level account and item reviews are summarized and

logged, under the products-diagnostics-tab; the per-item status,

for multiple ad destinations, are under the products-list tab, after

clicking on the item's title -- within the merchant-center-account.

typically, reviews are triggered by an individual item change, based on id,
on a case-by-case basis, regardless of how the items may be submitted.

google's review process may change at any time -- generally, any critical

change to an item's data, such as price, or the landing-page, may trigger
another review; but google may trigger a re-review, without any update,

or without any change, whatsoever, by a merchant.

google may review or re-review an item, product images, file feed details,
landing-pages, website, account, sub-account, business, business-model,
business-practices, supply-chains, etc., for policy issues, at any time.

both automated and manual reviews are possible.