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I sell secondhand ring and I think it is custom good.

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I have added a secondhand ring as a product in my merchant center account. I have submit an identifier_exists attribute with a value of FALSE. But after uploading the data feed, there is a warning like this - "When product identifiers are provided, identifier_exists should be set to true or not set at all. Setting identifier_exists to false when product identifiers actually exist might impact ranking of an item in the future. Can you please tell me what will be the next process to resolve this issue? I do not have any gtin or mpn number for the product. So what should I do?

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Re: I sell secondhand ring and I think it is custom good.

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If you use custom products then its not necessary to provide the identifier. Just ignore the warnings.


Re: I sell secondhand ring and I think it is custom good.

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if required, valid, global-trade-data does not exist and identifier_exists
is set to FALSE then, such warnings may simply be ignored.

however, if required, valid global-trade-data (mpn, gtin, brand) existed at the
time the item was manufactured -- then, the exact, manufacturer's assigned
global-trade-data must be submitted -- regardless of the age or condition of

the item; a condition of used (secondhand) is irrelevant.


importantly, rings are consider apparel accessories

and only a valid manufacturer's brand is required --

unless you manufacture the ring then the brand

data must be based by the original manufacturer;

Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Rings

never require an mpn or gtin.


see also

Re: I sell secondhand ring and I think it is custom good.

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Is second hand jewelry a custom good in merchant center? If it is not, then how can I get gtin number for the product? Can it be possible to create one?

Re: I sell secondhand ring and I think it is custom good.

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Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry > Rings
are consider other-apparel by google --

only a valid brand is required.

who manufactured the original item would
determine what (brand) data is assigned --
not the item's condition or age.


custom-made items do not require any global-trade-data --

for custom-made items simply submit identifier_exists with

a value of FALSE and ignore the warnings.

global-trade-data (mpn, gtin, brand) cannot
be self-assigned by merchants and risks a
disapproval or suspension, at any time.

global-trade-data can only be assigned by the item's manufacturer.

a ring does not require mpn or gtin --
a ring requires only a valid brand.


never submit mpn or gtin for a ring.


never create or self-assign global-trade-data for any item.

for a ring, if a valid brand existed then the valid brand must be submitted --
regardless of the item's age or condition; for a ring, if a valid brand has
never existed (custom-made) then, simply submit identifier_exists FALSE,

do not submit any brand, mpn, or gtin -- and ignore the warnings.

otherwise, the item simply cannot be submitted.

to avoid a disapproval or suspension,
never self-assign global-trade-data.