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Huge dilemma with Google Shopping ads

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Can someone help me understand why my product is getting such bad placement within Google Shopping? I've called and had many Google reps help, and they actually say my placement is is good. However, I'm getting no clicks. I just want to know how I can better use Google for my display ad within Google Shopping.


I'd be so grateful is someone could give me some tips! 



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Re: Huge dilemma with Google Shopping ads

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There are a few people here who will be able to give you pointers - but they are going to need a link to your site.... post that and we can take a look and get back to you with some action plans.

Re: Huge dilemma with Google Shopping ads

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Oh sure! Here is a link to my company's website.

Re: Huge dilemma with Google Shopping ads

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the first landing-page within google-shopping
did not seem to conform to current polices --
which would naturally lower quality.

for example, the price on the (link) landing-page,
and the price submitted in the feed, must match
exactly, at all times, and be straightforward for

users to locate on the page -- and is otherwise

a policy violation and grounds for lower-quality,

disapproval, or suspension, at any time.


improving overall (link landing) page-load performance

and potentially layout with respect to conversions would

be another place to consider potential improvements, in

this case (image loads seemed particularly slow).


also, be cautious of any product claims on the landing-page.

an exact feed item, with attributes and
values being submitted, would also
likely help with evaluating the details
with respect to google-shopping.

see also