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How to target more than one country in google merchant with singlefeed

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Hi All,


I want to maximize my sales with my shopping that’s why I want target more than one country with my shopping campaign so any one can tell me Is it beneficial if I will target more than one country with my shopping campaign if yes then is it requird any changes in merchant account because previously my shopping campaign run on single tragted location i.e. united kingdom and one more thing Is that any way to select multiple country location in the single feed.


Please suggest me; your valuable suggestion would be really appreciated.

Re: How to target more than one country in google merchant with single

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Hi Frank


The use of a second DataFeed, targeting a different location, is dependant on your set-up. If you ship worldwide, then it may be beneficial, however, if your rates are higher and your products are available within the countries you wish to target, you may find you will gain very little in the way of new business from a second DataFeed.


If you do wish to proceed, then, In order to target more than one location, you will need to register a second data feed.


The name of second DataFeed must vary from the already existing DataFeed.


This must target the second country, abide by any policy unique to this location (is applicable) and also changes must be made to certain attributes.


ID is the first attribute that must vary between DataFeed. 


If say you are targetting the UK & US


ID in your UK Feed, could read as follows - 123

ID in your US Feed for that same item would need to read something like - 123US


Pricing must also be displayed, including any VAT etc in the Locations Currency

If the second locations, language is different, this must also be changed, on the landing page and within the DataFeed.


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