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How to specify which product feed in Merchant to use in a Shopping Adwords Campaign?

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I was using the Shopify Google Shopping application, which I linked to my Merchant Center account. I then created an AdWords campaing the brought in all of the products from the application. I am trying to end my use of the Shopify feed for a manual feed for the sake of better control of product content. Now, I just successfully registered and uploaded my new, manual feed. However, I am unable to specify that I cannot figure out how to specify that I would only like to use the products from the feed. How can I A. Get rid of the products from my Merchant Center (and thus AdWords) B. For future reference specify which feed(s) I would like to use for a given AdWords campaign?

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Re: How to specify which product feed in Merchant to use in a Shopping Adwords Campaign?

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Shopify uses the Google API to bring in the data to your merchant center.  So you will need to login to shopify and disable that connection.



Why don't I see a data feed from Shopify in my Google Merchant Center?

Shopify uses Google's real-time API to send data to Google Merchant Center, so you won't see a data feed from Shopify listed under Data feeds in your Google Merchant Center.

Instead, click the API Dashboard for information on the data that Shopify is syncing to Google.

Api dashboard

Re: How to specify which product feed in Merchant to use in a Shopping Adwords Campaign?

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(a) items may be removed from the merchant-center either
by direct, multiple, deletes/delete-alls via the products-list
or, if an app were being used, to issue a delete request via
the app/content-api.


if a feed were being used, the feed could be resubmitted with zero items.


items may take 72-hours to be fully removed from the system after a delete.


as an aside, be certain to disable any shopify app/api

being used to submit data, before any new method is

used to submit product-data, to avoid a disapproval

or suspension.


also, the shopping-campaign details may need to change, so that

all submitted items will continue to properly match product-groups

and are assigned bids; otherwise, try to keep as much shopify data

as possible if the transition to a private-feed is still wanted.


note that if shopify were using an app/api there may be no feed --

if data is submitted via the content-api then the results are seen

within the merchant-center api-diagnotics and products-list:


(b) there is no such concept of specifying which feed to use for a campaign;


all items submitted are funneled into the same linked account --
regardless of the number of feeds that are registered or used and

regardless of which method is used (api, ftp, scheduled-fetch, etc).


generally, only one feed should be used for all submitted items --

if a (shopify) app/api is being used, there is no data-feed, at all.


there are a few ways to limit and specify items for shopping-ads, for example:


(1) only submit items that are wanted.


if an app/api is used only submit items that are wanted --

this may require help directly from (shopify) support or

whoever is supporting the app/plugin being used.


if a data-feed file is being used to directly submit inventory product data

then, resubmit the original registered feed with only items that are wanted --
then, re-submit the same feed with any additional items, as more items are

wanted over time, to participate in the shopping-ad auctions.


(2) use a campaign-level inventory-filter.


(3) structure the shopping-campaign so only wanted items have bids --

only items with a bid are eligible to participate in the advertising-auctions.


(4) a slightly more complex method would be to use campaign-priorities --
for example, to assign different budget amounts, limit specific items or
time frames, to participate in the auctions, within multiple campaigns.


adding custom-attributes can aide in creating filters and (not) assigning bids.


(c) before making any changes, whatsoever, the best likely

course would be to first contact shopify-support directly for

suggestions, help, and guidance:


see also

How to specify which product feed in Merchant to use in a Shopping Adwords Campaign?

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A| You need to delete the Shopify Google Shopping App from your Shopify apps list in your admin panel located in Shopify.

B| You can not specify a feed in Google Merchant, anything you plugin is what Google will use


hope it helps.


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