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How to set max CPC at Ad group level instead of product group level?

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A similar question was asked in 2014, but the awnser that was provided does not solve my problem.


I'm working with a feed manager (Adchieve) to sort all the products of my shopping feed into one single ad group in every shopping campaign.




adgroup.PNGExample 1 adgroup = 1 product


So every ad group in a shopping campaign consists of one individual product.


During my optimization process in shopping it would be easy to just adapt the bids on ad group level by filtering ad groups on certain metrics.


For example: filter ad groups with a positive ROAS and increase their bid by 20%.


The problem i'm facing is that every ad group has an underlying product group that has a bid which overrules the ad group bid.


When I try to remove product group bid (hoping the ad group bid would take over) I get an error that the product group bid can't be zero.

Therefore I have to go down an extra level which makes fast optimization more difficult.


Question: Can the Max CPC for a product group default to it's Ad group "Default Max CPC"


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How to set max CPC at Ad group level instead of product group level?

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Short answer no. Unless you remove the product and add it back in.


To be honest the setup of your campaigns, 1 product per ad group is not very good for maintaining bidding and other things.


You can however click on your campaign than select product groups, next to ad groups and than use filters.


However I recommend creating ad groups based on brand > product type. Than you can have a global bidding for up to 200 products.

Than if you want to bid for individual products, you filter down to the item id.


You might also be able to write scripts to help you, but I don't know anything about that. More info :


Hope it helps.



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How to set max CPC at Ad group level instead of product group level?

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Thanks for your message!


Well the campaigns individually have one keyword per ad group, but there are multiple campaigns. One for Shorttail (generic) keywords - One midtail (for keywords with a brand name in the product) and a Long tail (specific product searches). Our biddings are adapted to these ST, MT and LT campaigns.