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How to rank higher?

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I don't understand how to show up for certain terms on the main SERPs in shopping campaigns.

I've tried pretty much everything. I've tried re-writing the titles and descriptions, but nothing has worked.


For most keywords, the products that come up don't even have the keyword in the title. So how are they showing up there? Is it from historical CTR? If so, how do you even get clicks without overbidding? I can't seem to get any clicks unless I'm bidding anywhere from $1.50 - $3 which seems insane. Several people have told me that their CPC is very low, anywhere from 0.04 to 0.25. So why is it so expensive for me? Why am I not showing up for any search terms?

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How to rank higher?

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Showing up on SERP for shopping campaign is not only function of title / bid. It also depends on other fields in the feed. Can you revisit your feed quality and other fields like google product category, GTIN, etc.


Regards, Nik
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How to rank higher?

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Everything is optimized 100%, nothing is working.

How to rank higher?

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If everything was 100% optimized than you would get better results. As this is not the case, something must have been forgotten. As Google Shopping is pretty big, I recommend reading up on articles easily found on Google Search. Reading articles helps you understand all the elements and provides you insight from different experts.


Giving you a correct answer without seeing the account is not possible due to the amount of areas you need to look at.


Certain search terms are expensive and are defined by your competitors. The CPC is also defined by the quality of your ad information and historic ranking. If you do poorly here than your CPC will go up.


I recommend checking out the benchmark CPC as a comparative. At least than you know how much worse you are off, however do not take this figure as being a goal or target.


Check you have no errors or warnings in Google Merchant data feed

Check you have no errors or warnings in Google Merchant Diagnostics


Make sure the titles perfectly describe the product, that your images are relevant.

Also note if your badly priced than you need do something about this, like offer free shipping or a discount etc. Anything to trigger automated promotions or create a promotion.


Hope it helps.

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