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How to match keywords to shopping ads?

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I will sell my product to overseas using google shopping and I registered my product on merchant center and make some of shopping AD.


but i dont undestand how to match product and keywords and displayed shopping ad on google search result.


For example)

I posted a product as title "sunflower artwork" on my website.

when searchers will searcing using a Keyword "Sunflower artwork" on google,

My shopping Ad will displayed ?

But if i posted a product as title "Feng Sui - Sunflower Artwork"

Can ad will display to keyword "Feng sui" "sunflower artwork" ?


I dont know how to match keyword and shopping ad.


Please le me know how ad works.

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Re: How to match keywords to shopping ads?

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shopping-ads do not use keywords.

items show based on the bid and quality.

a physical, in stock, inventory item, may be submitted as a shopping-ad --
usually within the product-feed, using the merchant-center-account; the
data submitted typically matches the data displayed on the landing-page.

an item must have a high enough competitive bid and high
enough quality, to win a slot in the ad-auctions, to show.

quality is based mainly on the title and the quality of all other attributes
submitted, as well as other quality factors, including the quality of the

item's landing-page, website quality, relevancy, click-through-rates,

targeting details such as the target-country, etc.

only in stock, physical inventory, items may be submitted as a shopping-ad --
the in stock, product (feed) data, must be resubmitted at least monthly, or
whenever a critical change to the website or inventory-availability occurs.

title should name the physical item; description and other attributes submitted
should describe the exact physical inventory item, being sold and delivered --
such as the specific item's size or color, or some other aspect of the physical
item's characteristics, such as how the item looks, feels, smells, or tastes.

keyword-stuffing or general promotional information are not allowed.


to verify items are being seen, check the impression, click,

and search-term statistics, within the shopping-campaign.

to use keywords, there are many other campaign-types and ad-formats,
that may be a better fit, to advertise services or certain types of products.


see also


How to match keywords to shopping ads?

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Thanks for answering!