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How to display shopping ad with size options into

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How to display shopping ad with size options into ?


Please refer following image so you can get the exact idea what I want to show my shopping ad same as mentioned in the highlighted portion on image.


How is it possible? I am using Magento platform with all the variant products but I am only submitted the child/associate products to show the shopping ad beacuse when I used the configurable products then it comes with the base price so it will create problem to show the actual price with size.


size wise shopping ad.png


What is the process to show the shopping ad with the size options into platform?


Awaiting positive and prompt response.



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How to display shopping ad with size options into

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As you have already identified by submitting all variants, you can than show the options. If the product price changes depending on the variant size, than you need to get in touch with your magento developer to customize the feed and product landing page.


By submitting all sizes you than need to append a query string that identifies the variant size. For example


In bold it identifies the size


Than on the landing page write a script that pre selects the product variant and shows the correct price.


This is all very technical and requires knowledge of Magento to accomplish, IE: a magento developer needs to make changes, this is not something you can just enable with a button unfortunately.


If you have any further questions, please let us know.

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Re: How to display shopping ad with size options into

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Thanks Emmanuel to share valuable information with me.

How to display shopping ad with size options into

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Not sure if this would be the case but I also believe that the Structured Data needs to also reflect the product variant price right? I've noticed that on some websites even if the variant size is preselected the actual structured data belongs to the parent products which would trigger a "price miss match" in Merchant Centre and will affect the quality score. Some people claim that the structured data needs to change according to the product variation but to be honest I never come across these before except from the example where all product variations are listed within different "product" tabs when checking with Structured Data Testing Tool. Maybe @Emmanuel F can explain better which way is best  He's the expert around here Smiley Happy


Hope this helps!