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How to display a differnt colour variations of the same product in the same time.

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Hello guys,

As in the topic, I would ask you how to structure PLA campaign to display different colours of my products at the same time for the same query. 


Let's say the user is looking for with query: "product + brand". Now AdWords choose colour variation randomly and shows only one colour per query, but I would like display as many colours as it is possible at such time.


My current setup is following:


Each Product Model is in Single AdGroup, insde that Product List is filtered with Product Type, and then segmented with Product IDs (the rest of product types and models is ofc disabled).

Each Colour has its own individual ID ex. 723_01 (white), 723_02 (black), 723_03 (green) etc. The campaign has the highest priority and I use eCPC.


In product feed each colour has the same Title structure: Product Name + Colour, moreover I use a separate paramm for colours.


I tried to switch between different campaigns priorities and manual CPC, eCPC etc. 


Where is the mistake?




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How to display a differnt colour variations of the same product in the same time.

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Make sure that you submit item_group_id and any variant attribute in the data feed. Along with accurate product identifiers.


Than depending on the type and brand of product you might see your products displayed with variants included. However regardless of what you do this is not guaranteed by Google.


Simply make sure that all products have a decent enough max cpc set.


The best chances of getting these listings is to ensure you have added all attributes in the data feed and you have sufficient bidding.


Hope it helps.

Hope it helps.

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