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How to change displayed store name in shopping campaign ads?

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Im pretty new to AdWords and especially new to using AdWords to promote products using the Merchant center product feeds. I have the Ads up and going and they look great except for one thing: every product listing shows a price and a web address.They read "$400 from" rather than displaying my actual store name. All of my competitors have similar products listed but their store names show up rather than their web addresses which tells me that this must be a possibility with my shopping ads. 


I have browsed through many knowledge base articles and forum posts but, none of them seem to solve the problem. Using the "Change Ads..." option allows me to put in what I want it to say but clicking "Save" results in a message saying that no changes were made. 


Any help or insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: How to change displayed store name in shopping campaign ads?

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the displayed store (brand) name is changed within the merchant-center-account.

to change the store-name simply navigate to the general settings area

of the merchant-center-account, scroll all the way to the bottom of the
page, click the edit button, change the store-name, scroll back down,

and click save --

however, be certain that the name entered conforms to all google's
rules and policies for store-names; otherwise, the information may
not be saved or, all items disapproved or, the account suspended.

then, simply re-submit the registered feed; be certain the same
originally registered feed is used -- only one, single, feed should
ever be registered, once.

also, be certain that no id values change in the feed;
id values must be unique per item and never change --
all updates are based on id

a best-practice is to use a mix of letters and numbers for id; e.g.

the store (brand) name will be added automatically by google,
to all submitted, processed, items -- and displayed at google's
discretion within product-listing-ads.

after the feed is re-submitted the system may take 24-72 hours or
so before the updated settings are seen within product-listing-ads.


to verify proper processing, check the last-update date, by clicking

on an item's title under the products-tab; the date should be a time

after the settings were changed and the feed re-submitted.

also, be certain never to add the store (brand) name as the brand
value for any item within the feed -- only the manufacturer of the
product may be used as a submitted brand.

see also