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How to add price variations to feed

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Hello, I am filling up the feed in excel and  I am not sure how to add the price since it varies from 12.99 to 149. The listing has variations in quantities and it shows like that. example


should I put 12.99 or 149 or 12.99-149?


I would appreciate very much your help. Thanks in advance.

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Re: How to add price variations to feed

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first, thank you for posting the current landing-page url.

all products submitted must be sold at fixed prices.

the product information submitted, must
match the product's landing-page, exactly.

only one, single, fixed, price may be submitted per a single item-offer.

not all variants of an item-offer are required to be submitted.

potential methods to come into compliance include --

(a) change the default offer on the page, so that only one price
is displayed and only submit that default item-offer and its price.

or, potentially, rearrange the content so that the default

is the most prominent and stands-out -- isolated, larger

font, above all others, etc., and then list the remaining

price-ranges, below, in a smaller font, for example --

submit only the default, most prominent, price.


adding microdata on the website, for the default item-offer,

and submitting only the default, may also help in this regard.


(b) preselect an exact item-offer using url-parameters and a server-side script;

(c) use a separate landing-page for each, made-to-order, item-offer;

(d) do not submit any item-offers with such variations --
simply remove them from the submitted data (feed) altogether.

otherwise, a merchant-center specialist at google may be contacted directly.

Re: How to add price variations to feed

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Thanks for your answer. I have seen many sellers doing this, for example

and many more but another example

What am I missing to be able to do this? also big shops like etsy o ebay do the same (certain sellers) and they are also there.

Thanks in advance for your insights
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Re: How to add price variations to feed

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first, you're welcome.

for account-specific support and guidance, google may be contacted directly:

google may offer account-specific suggestions on how to remain in compliance.

as to those example urls, seeing an item listed does
not necessarily mean that a merchant is following
all google's policies -- potential policy violations by
other merchants may be reported to google:
note that google requires the exact, google-provided (aclk) link,
pointing to the retailer's landing-page, for a product-listing-ad;
e.g. on google-shopping -- the url must contain: aclk

the merchant's direct landing-page, or any other
links, are not enough for google to take action.

see also

Re: How to add price variations to feed

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I understand, I will do some changes to stick to the policies, I want to play by the rules Smiley Happy. Thank you for your comments