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How to add a software to the listing

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I'm looking for information how to add a software to a listing like this: I'm in the right place to ask?
I've been asking about this in firebase and webmaster tool forums, but I haven't received an answer to my question, only tips where I might find it.
What i have to do to add my software, so it appears when i type "recording software"?

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Re: How to add a software to the listing

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first, thank you for the image-capture.

those are not paid-ads of any kind, so this is the wrong forum.

that software-list looks to be part of google-organic search engine results.

generally, google constantly experiments with organic-search-results
and may automatically create gateways into knowledge-graph-results,
such as this list of software and similar knowledge-graph-carousels.

google has experimented with many similar lists when using other
search-terms, that may later point to website-content containing
structured-data, such as movies or museums in large-cities.

google typically does not discuss any such details in public
and may change how such data is presented, at any time.

the best likely course is to use valid, related, rich-snippets
on the website and then simply wait for someone more

knowledgeable to respond in the webmasters-help forums:!categories/webmasters/structured-data

see also



How to add a software to the listing

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Hello Celebird, Thank you for your information! As far it's the only one answer with some useful information I received.
Yes, that's the wrong forum. In meanwhile, I had a conversation with Merchant Center Support and they don't support this listing. 
Your answer about the organic results might be true, but i analyzed the search result and something is wrong:
Our products page appears at the 10th/14th place in the links, but the product is not listed. And the sites with much lower rank, and lower places are listed... That's confusing, i will ask more questions on webmaster support forum.

How to add a software to the listing

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first, you're welcome.

as was indicated, the displayed software-listing-carousel
is part of organic-search knowledge-graph rich-snippets --
not part of any paid-ad format, including shopping-ads --
and is best addressed within the webmaster-central-forums.

if the products-page appearing at the 10th/14th place contains only website
or knowledge-graph related links, but a specific product is not listed, then
that would also be a google-organic-search question, also best addressed
by the webmaster-central-help forums.

however, if the products-page appearing at the 10th/14th place
contains other shopping-ad (aclk) links, but a specific product
advertisement is not listed, then that would be related to paid
ads and the merchant-center and this forum.

shopping-ad placement is based mainly on the bid and ad-related quality factors.