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How to add Shipping Details at an Account and Feed Level

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The various ways of adding shipping details to the products present in the Merchant Center account:


Shipping prices can currently be formatted in 2 different ways, based on the complexity of your shipping. Both these options have been discussed below along with a couple of scenarios.


  1. Specifying Shipping At An Account Level:


For those who have shipping calculation based on just one dimension, then you can choose to specify your shipping at the account level and use rate tables to specify the shipping cost for each dimension.


For example, if your shipping prices depend solely on the postal code of the user, then you can configure your shipping at the account level, and use rate tables to specify the shipping cost for each postal code.




  • Single rate is used when only 1 dimension is present or product wide/countrywide free shipping.
  • Rate Table: Two dimensions are present.
  • Rules: Multiple dimensions for each product are present.


  1. Specifying Shipping At The Feed Level:


You can specify the prices at an individual feed level or item level by adding the Shipping Attribute [shipping] in the feed. Do note that the shipping cost you provide should always match the shipping cost on your website or be higher than the one on your website (Overquote). This is also a preferred method when you want to add multiple dimensions(one of which is carrier specific) but the rates and rules table doesn't allow for the same.


The attributes could be inserted into the data feed as specified in the image below.




When do we use the Shipping Label Attribute?


You can use this attribute when you wish to assign labels to specific products using custom values, such as perishable, bulky, or promotion. In Merchant Center shipping settings, you can then configure different shipping rates for items labeled perishable, bulky, and promotion.


Countries without Carrier Specific Rates:


As a temporary workaround for countries other than the United States, where carrier specific rate tables aren't permissible, we recommend that you specify your shipping at the feed level and specify the highest shipping price for all your products.

For example, let's say that $100 is the highest shipping price that you can charge for a product, for any weight/post-code combination. Instead of adding shipping at an account level, you still keep it at the item level, but for every single item you add $100 as the shipping cost.


Doing this will help your items get approved per the shipping parameters. As long as you overquote the shipping price of the item, but the end price on the landing page is lower or equal, the item in your data feed will be approved per our policies.


At this point, some of you may raise the valid concern that  - overquoting the shipping price might lead to the users not clicking on the shopping ad or listing, as they might see the shipping cost as being overpriced! To resolve this, while creating the corresponding shopping campaign, you can use the two lines of promotional text to mention 'Actual shipping may be less' or 'Please check site for actual shipping cost', or anything on those lines that clarifies to the user that the shipping estimate might be over-estimated. This will also ensure that the user doesn't misunderstand your shipping prices, when they see your shopping ads.



A couple of scenarios listed out here for better understanding:


  1. My shipping rate depends on the final price of the cart. There are no other dimensions or aspects to the shipping price. For items below $50, I want to show it as free Shipping.


You can do so easily, by creating a rules table subdivided by Product Price. Create a division for $0-$50 and one for ‘Everything else’.


For the $0-$50, enter the shipping rate as a ‘Percentage of product price’ and for ‘Everything else’, enter $0 for the rate amount.


  1. I don't have a shipping price. How do I enter this?


You can have a single rate shipping method with a value of CA$0. In case you had a flat rate across the country, you would instead insert that value here.


  1. The Shipping rate varies basis weight and postal code. How do I format this?


You can create a rate table with the pin codes in the rows and weights in the columns. You DO NOT need to specify individually for every postal code and can add ranges instead. 



Please Note: For Australia, where entering Shipping Data is compulsory and carrier-specific shipping is not currently available as an option, the Product Team is looking into providing this as a feature. We'll keep you posted as soon as there are updates.

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Re: How to add Shipping Details at an Account and Feed Level

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Thanks for sharing Tanya!

How to add Shipping Details at an Account and Feed Level

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Maybe you can help me... Is there any way to contact you by email?? I am having trouble setting up my shipping on the google merchant account settings .