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How should I set up product feed with constantly changing products?

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I run a site that has an inventory that changes by the minute. I have new products come in, prices changing, and running out of products. Think eBay but with the "buy it now" price option only. I'm not sure what the best option is for setting up my feed. Any thoughts? The manual uploading is obviously out of the question.

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Re: How should I set up product feed with constantly changing products

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If having a dynamically generated feed that is fetched once every day does not suit you and manual upload a few times a day is also out of the question, all that remains is the Content API for shopping, as far as I know:

However, when adding a new product to a feed it usually takes a bit before it gets approved, so in spite of your inventory change speed you will still not be able to have your new items show in shopping ads right away.
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Re: How should I set up product feed with constantly changing products

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Also if you submit products at a minute rate, your products will be in a review / stagnant situation. As Google requires to validate all submissions. Even when you update data it still requires depending on the change to be automatically validated.

The constant updates will cause your products being taken off Google Shopping until approved again.
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Re: How should I set up product feed with constantly changing products

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the site and business-model simply do not
sound like a good fit for product-listing-ads.


all new items are subjected to a review that may take three-business-days.

generally, the feed and site should be
updated immediately to reflect reality --
product-listing-ads expect fixed-priced items.

the data-feed may be re-submitted up to four times per day --
the recommended time frames to accommodate processing time
are: in the morning, around noon, late afternoon, and evening.

however, certain products, supply-chains, or website scenarios
may not be a good fit for product-listing-ads -- in those cases,
such items simply should not be submitted, at all, to avoid a
disapproval or suspension from the program.

for example, auction-related listings are expressly forbidden.

otherwise, if the prices and availability of the products
change too frequently -- such that four updates a day are
not enough to meet google's requirements -- google requires
that the content-api-for-shopping be used rather than a feed --
or such products simply cannot be submitted.

if price or inventory availability changes happen frequently:
(a) submit a feed to keep pace with the site -- up to four times a day;
(b) strongly consider replacing the feed with google's api;
(c) consider not submitting such items to avoid deactivation.

if four re-uploads per day or google's shopping-api
cannot keep pace with website or inventory changes
then, such items simply cannot be submitted without
risking permanent suspension.

that said, there are other campaign-types and ad-formats
that are available and may be a better fit for advertising
certain products, business-models, and websites.

Re: How should I set up product feed with constantly changing products

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If your inventory changes by the minute, ie. new products come in, prices change, and the stock status changes, you need to be able to process and export a feed very rapidly. The consequences of not doing so lead to Google Shopping disapprovals and potentially a suspension. 


That being said, you have a few options.


1. Have a software engineer create a custom feed export that is insanely fast, and can send product feeds to Google Merchant Center via the API or FTP with the requisite frequency (every 1-15 minutes). This can be a costly solution that can take weeks or months for the developer, and given your server resources, may not be practical. 


2. Use a shopping feed solution <edited by a Community Manager as noted below> that lets you schedule an export frequency to whatever parameters you need to effectively be providing the feed data to Google in real-time. 


Note: this post has been edited by a Community Manager, per Community Guidelines, in order to remove what was reported by other forum members as having a self-promotional aspect.

Re: How should I set up product feed with constantly changing products

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generally, any new items require a review
that can take up to three-business-days
to complete -- regardless of the upload
method used or how fast items might
be submitted.

any subsequent updates require that the listed
item's price and inventory status match the link
landing-page, exactly, at all times, for all users.

there is no such concept as real-time updates for product-listing-ads --
at least in any practical sense -- and any such near-real-time-updates
typically cannot conform to all the associated rules and policies and
can be grounds for disapproval or (permanent) suspension from the
program, at any time; for example, auction related items and updates.