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How much time it will take to get approval for Feeds in merchant center

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Recently i submitted 200 products feeds in Google Merchant Center for one of my clients eCommerce website i.e., How much time it will take to approve feeds & again how many days it will takes to display my shopping ads in Google. I want step by step procedure for approval of shopping ads.

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Re: How much time it will take to get approval for Feeds in merchant center

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generally, each client and item-offer is processed and reviewed individually.

a review for a new item-offer may take up to three-business-days.

a re-review for a disapproved item-offer may take four-business-days or so --
after an adequate fix has been properly submitted and fully processed.


simply fix the landing-page or item-offer and resubmit the seller's data.

note that google may also apply an additional (4-day) waiting period,
especially if there are too many or too frequent disapproval issues --
this is akin to a time-out and is meant to allow for a more thorough
diagnosis of the issue and to ensure that a root-cause can be found,
so a long-term solution can be implemented to prevent any similar,
future, violations and reduce the risk of a permanent suspension.

the review process is mainly automatic and usually includes --
an initial review of the submitted data against all policies,
a crawl or re-crawl of the landing-page, a crawl or re-crawl
of the submitted images, and potentially a crawl or re-crawl
of the entire website for site-wide policy issues.

note that for marketplaces, each individual marketplace-seller and offer,
must comply with all shopping policies -- including physical inventory,
supply-chains, business-practices, landing-pages, submitted data, etc. --
otherwise, sub-accounts or the entire marketplace may be deactivated.

certain policy violations can trigger a permanent
disapproval of an item-offer or an individual-seller.

too many or too frequent disapprovals can result in a marketplace deactivation.


normally, google may take 24-72 hours for an item to be processed,
reviewed, assigned a searchable status, match a product-group in
an active shopping-campaign, and assigned a bid -- before being

eligible for the (product-listing-ad) auctions.


only items with enough quality and bid, to
win a slot in an ad-auction, will be shown.

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