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How many configured items in a feed is too many?

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Hi Adwords community,


I have the possibility of submitting multiple product configurations in my shopping feed as separate line items, or choosing only a select number of those configurations to send instead.

I could see the benefit of having different variations in the feed: if people are searching for specific skus or configurations, we can show them what they are looking for.

However, is there a negative side to this? For example, when Google is deciding what to serve for a more general search concerning the product (i.e. not a specific configuration), would the apparent redundancy in that case hurt?

I guess the overall question is: if able, is it better to have more configurations of an item in your feed or less?



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Re: How many configured items in a feed is too many?

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there is no requirement to submit all variants however,
there should be no redundancy if all rules and policies
for variants are followed -- both within the submitted
data (feed) and on the website link landing-page.

any variant that is submitted -- one, some, or all --

must have enough quality and bid to win a slot in

the auctions to be seen.