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How do you request a Multi-Client Merchant Account?

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We are an ecommerce agency who uses Adwords but not the Merchant Centre.  We manage several Clients that DO use Google Shopping and as a result, need to request a Multi-Client Merchant Account but the set-up information is a bit sparse.  Its to save logging-into clients' master Google accounts and to save creating countless email accounts to allow user access - my queries are below:

  1. Can you request a MCMA without running shopping adverts?
  2. If not, is it a case of setting up a Merchant A/c without a feed and setting up the MCMA from there?
  3. If yes to #2, where would you go to request a MCMA?

As only ONE email address can be associated with accounts, I am reluctant to bumble my way through a set-up without more info so any feedback on the points above would be greatly received.


Many thanks



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Re: How do you request a Multi-Client Merchant Account?

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(1) yes;

(2) typically, about the only reason to request a multi-client-account is to

submit up-to-date, on-hand, physical inventory, product (feed) data for

others' shopping-ads, on behalf of clients, or for merchants with separate

top-level domains per target-country.

(3) a multi-client-account (upgrade) is requested for an existing
merchant-center-account -- typically, originally created under the
main-agency or marketplace google-account that will be handling
(feed) data submissions, on behalf of individual merchant/clients.

a multi-client-account does not give any access to individual accounts --
quite the opposite in fact; the multi-client-account is for handling all the
(feed submission) tasks on behalf of clients; each client may then be
given access to each sub-account, depending on the agency/marketplace.


a client/seller is simply a sub-account under the main multi-client-account --

generally, a client must first relinquish their existing individual mc-account.

importantly perhaps, if the main, primary, task is to handle the submitted
product-data on behalf of clients/sellers, there is no need for any such

direct account-access to the merchant-center, multi-client or otherwise;
simply request the appropriate feed/upload data access information and
the technical-contact/email settings be updated, within a client's existing
merchant-center-account -- a support email may be added as an admin,
for any emergency or related access, and then immediately removed.


the last technique, of adding a temporary admin, is likely the best

alternative in most cases -- the alternative of creating an agency

email per client is also still available, if taking over the entire feed

creation and maintenance for most clients is not what is intended.

otherwise, a multi-client-account (upgrade) may be requested
by contacting a merchant-center support-specialist at google:

see also