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How do you change product-level URLs for shopping campaigns?

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I would like to modify URLs to append third-party tracking to my shopping campaign URLs.  I know that, in the campaign settings, you can specify this by doing something like this:



However, the URLs contain already existing internal tracking.  An existing URL looks like:


I want to maintain the internal tracking, but add on this third party tracking, to make it look something like:{product_id}


So that we can have both internal and third party tracking.  I am not sure whether putting something like:


into the "Dynamic Tracking URL" section of the campaign settings would erase any tracking I already have.


Is there a way to maintain existing tracking while just appending additional tracking parameters?



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Re: How do you change product-level URLs for shopping campaigns?

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Hi Zach,
Assuming that you're talking about destination URLs and not shopping (sorry, not trying to sound flippant, just had to be said!) what you have looks fine:{product_id}

Your web server may append something but in general, separating URL parameters using an ampersand is the correct way to do this.

Unfortunately, without knowing more about your server configuration, that's the best that anyone is going to be able to give you.

Please be aware though that if you change your destination URL in your ads, even to append a parameter, AdWords creates a NEW ad so all historical data on that ad will not carry over. Hope that makes sense.

Re: How do you change product-level URLs for shopping campaigns?

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Hi Dave,


I work with Zack and wanted to add some context.


What we are trying to do is take an existing URL for a shopping campaign and append some 3rd party tracking to the end of it. However, want to first be sure that the existing URL will remained preserved/un-touched and google will simply take the 3rd party parameters and append them to the end of that URL.


So within the campaign settings of a google shopping campaign we see an area to add a dynamic URL fragment. and what we are trying to make sure is that by doing something like this:




google will preserve the current shopping URL as is and then simply append our parameters after that.


so, we are not asking about ampersands or web server configurations or anything of that nature. we are simply trying to understand what google would do if we attempted to append another set of parameters to an existing URL. 


is this something you can confirm for us?  



Re: How do you change product-level URLs for shopping campaigns?

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Ahhh, I see what you mean now.

Actually, I don't know the answer to this. I'd normally just update the URL
in the feed itself. I've never used that feature.

Let me ping some other community members and try find this out.

Not trying to be smart here but have you tried a test URL to see how it