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How do I sync my approved products with Adwords Shopping campaign?

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Subject says it all.  Other than re-linking my merchant account to my adword account,  how do I  see my approved products in an adwords shopping campaign?  

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Re: How do I sync my approved products with Adwords Shopping campaign?

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simply re-submit the data (feed)
and then wait 72-hours or so.

check the merchant-center dashboard for any messages;
check the data-feed tab for any feed related messages;
check the quality sections within the merchant-center
for any quality, image, or website related messages;
check the status of individual items, by clicking on
the item's title, under the products-tab, for any item

(shopping destination) related messages.

any account, site, feed, item, image, or quality issue,

can prevent items from being seen within the linked

adwords-account shopping-campaign (syncing).


also, verify that items are not being seen under any

product-group within adwords -- some changes to

the (feed) data or the campaign-settings can cause

items to be moved to different product-groups or

filtered out altogether.

linking must be done in both accounts:
the adwords-customer-id must be linked within the merchant-center;
the merchant-center account-id must be linked within adwords during
the shopping-campaign set-up.

all searchable items submitted are funneled into the linked account --
assuming neither account or associated website has been suspended.

after submitting the data (feed), google may take 24-72 hours or so
before all items can be seen within the linked adwords account.

if this is the first time submitting (feed) data for the account,
google may require an additional review of the feed, website,
images, product inventory, supply-chain, and the business.

note that there is no such status as approved.

google continually reviews all accounts, all product data,
the associated website, supply-chains, and the business,
for conformance to the policies.

also, re-linking implies some form of a transition from one account to another:
if so, the best likely course would be to contact a person at google directly -
there can be many issues associated with any transition depending on why
the transition is being attempted.

details for linking accounts are currently here:

otherwise, if items are still not seen within adwords
the best likely course would be to contact a person

at google so they can look directly into all submitted
data, the website, and both accounts.