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How do I see the keywords used to trigger a PLA?

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How do I see the keywords used to trigger a PLA?


In Analytics under AdWords->Shopping Campaigns, I can drill down through categories to the product level, but where do I see which keywords triggered the ad? Or where in AdWords can I see which keywords are being searched on to trigger ads?


Also, can I make Analytics show the item name instead of the ID, which would be infinitely more useful?



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Re: How do I see the keywords used to trigger a PLA?

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Hi Nick R,

Firstly you can check the keywords directly in Adwords Interface under Keywords Tab.

In Google Analytics you can browse to Acquisition > Adwords > Keywords or Search Queries. Here you will find all the keywords from all sources. Then you can add a secondary dimension for “Ad Group” to view a list of search queries by ad group as the report will initially contain all ad groups and matched search queries (and not just queries for your PLAs).

I am not sure if we can show the item name instead of the item ID.


How do I see the keywords used to trigger a PLA?

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