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How do I further Subdivide the "Everything Else" division of a product group

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Hi All,


I've created a product group for watches and have broken it down by brand and then further subdivided by Item ID. The problem is that I can only add 200 items at a time, beyond which all products are grouped into the ""Everything Else in titan". This is a black box and I'm unable to focus on certain high quality SKUs.


I want to add each item as a separate SKU as the others have been added. How do I do it?



Screenshot attached for reference.



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Re: How do I further Subdivide the "Everything Else" division of a product group

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Hi @Ashutosh K it's not ideal, is it?  This is something I struggle with a lot with several of my clients, but there are options.


Firstly, the limit of 200 items applies to the shown list, so if you only have a few more than 200 to add, by changing the sort order (by clicking on the column heading, top-right in your uploaded screen-shot) you can probably "find" the rest of your items and add them.


Secondly, AdWords has the option to bulk upload items, described here:


Thirdly, you could consider changing how your feed is set up so you end up with smaller numbers to deal with.  For example, you could use custom columns in your feed to subdivide your watches into groups like mens, womens, sports, classic, etc., then each brand list should be shorter.


Finally, the new interface for AdWords has a slightly different behaviour when adding items.  While it's still not simple to add "everything", you can scroll down the list and it'll show which items are not added, making it easier.  So, if you have the option to switch to the new AdWords interface (not all Accounts have this yet), that's something to think about.



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How do I further Subdivide the "Everything Else" division of a product group

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You can add more than 200 items if you know all the id's.


First click on the products tab and copy all the row's into a spreadsheet, than copy the id's only.


Go to your titan subdivision and click on the pencil, now select item id from the dropdown, and click on or bulk add values manually at the bottom of the popup.

Here paste your id's and add them.


However there is a reason it is limited to 200, having to sift through 200 products in 1 ad group is a big task, optimization is very broad, search terms can be for any product.


The best way is as Jon mentioned to subdivide it to smaller groups.


Hope it helps.

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