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How do I exclude products from a shipping service?

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I have items that weigh less than a pound, but due to their shipping dimensions are not able to ship USPS First-Class. I am passing both weight and dimensions in our feed. I also have a shipping label assigned to these products "Non-USPS Products."

How do I prevent Google Shopping from calculating First-Class as an eligible shipping method?

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Re: How do I exclude products from a shipping service?

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Hi Vicky,

Are your shipping rules setup within Google Merchant Center? Or are you populating the 'shipping' attribute in your product feed?

If you aren't currently using the 'shipping' attribute then you can start using it for the products that aren't able to ship first class. If this attribute is populated then the value will override any account level shipping settings setup in Google Merchant Center for those specific products.


Hope this helps,

Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Top Contributor, LinkedIn
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Re: How do I exclude products from a shipping service?

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Thank you for your reply. We are using the shipping attribute for items that have a flat-rate shipping price.

The support document says that price is required. Does this mean I have to include the price to ship a specific product USPS First-Class for every Zip Code in the US?

Re: How do I exclude products from a shipping service?

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shipping may be either exactly accurate or an overestimate.

if multiple methods are assigned to the same item-offer then, google
will only ever use the lowest shipping-price (default) -- so, only
the lowest shipping-price need ever be configured or submitted.

for a submitted fixed-rate shipping value, simply submit
an overestimate for all users within the target-country --
outliers may be added for specific exceptions;
for a u.s. submitted feed, outliers can be based
on a region (zip-code or location-group); e.g.
US::ground:100.00,US:90210:air:200.00,US:East Coast:eastern-ground:50.00

alternatively, use one, single rule with multiple, labeled, conditions --

e.g. if both methods are carrier-calculated, simply configure one, single,
shipping-method, a rule, with three conditions using a (shipping_label)
name that points to (three) different shared-library entries --


first, configure the shared-library entries and their names: e.g.


then, configure the single shipping-method (rule) --

three conditions pointing to a shared-library entry.

then, submit an appropriate shipping_label value that exactly
matches a condition name, under the shipping-method-rule --
then, there should be no need to submit a shipping attribute.

always verify the shipping-rate for the item-offer by
clicking on the item's title, under the products-tab.

generally, there is no need to submit a shipping value except for outliers --
item deliveries that do not fall under either (a) the default or (b) one of the
configured shipping method (rule) names and corresponding shipping_label.