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How do I correct Incorrect product identifiers

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I've just tried to upload all my items onto google adwords to show on shopping and via my website which is run on a shopify platform it says it is publised to google, on google it says they have been disapproved because of incorrect product idenifiers. So my questions are 


What are incorrect product product idenifiers ?



How do i correct them 


Any help appriciated 

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Re: How do I correct Incorrect product identifiers

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Re: How do I correct Incorrect product identifiers

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Hi Sophie,

Here's some information directly from Google about product identifiers: Basically, product identifiers are numbers like the Universal Product Code or a manufacturer's part number that help Google identify the product and put it in the right searches. You can find and update these in your feed, or if you're using an ecommerce platform like Big Commerce or Shopify there may be a way to update these through the backend. If identifiers exist for the items you're selling, you should be able to obtain them from your suppliers. Hope that helps and let us know if it doesn't.

Re: How do I correct Incorrect product identifiers

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also, the type of physical item determines which
product-identifier attributes (mpn, gtin, brand)
or identifier_exists are required to be submitted --


as was indicated, any product-identifier (mpn, gtin, brand) that is

submitted must be accurate, valid, and assigned by the product's

brand-manufacturer -- not merchants.


How do I correct Incorrect product identifiers

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Hi Celebird.


I have a big problem with my product.

Why is the number of Incorrect product identifiers is increasing? While I've fixed all the other errors?



Re: How do I correct Incorrect product identifiers

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google is constantly checking and rechecking items for policy issues.


also, the diagnostics-tab will accumulate issues over time, even if those issues
have been fixed -- always verify any issues by clicking on the graph's current
time-line and by clicking on individual items within the blue-boxes under the
diagnostics-tab -- also, verify item-status by clicking on an item's title under

the products-list-tab, within the merchant-center.


be certain any global-trade-data (brand, gtin, mpn) submitted
is accurate, valid, and has been assigned by the manufacturer
to the exact item being sold -- inspect the bar-code on the
product for valid global-trade-data.


note that if items do not have valid global-trade-data,
identifier_exists is set to FALSE/no, such items must be
submitted without brand, without mpn, and without gtin.


otherwise, forum-members cannot look into accounts or submitted data --
the best likely course would be to simply contact a merchant-center
support-specialist at google directly.


see also


How do I correct Incorrect product identifiers

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I have the same problem on my Google Shopping. Google product identifiers are never correct. I've tried all alternatives and it's still incorrect. Is there a solution? All other mistakes I could solve. Help-me.

How do I correct Incorrect product identifiers

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check the physical item, in stock, for a valid gs1 bar-code and digits:

valid unique product identifiers -- the global-trade-data attributes,
are mainly legal designations assigned by the item's manufacturer,

and stamped directly on the product, package, or related tagging,

at the factory, by the manufacturer, using valid gs1 bar-codes --

inspect the physical product for valid a bar-code, corresponding

gtin digits, and the manufacturer's brand name of the product.

if valid gtin exists, on the physical item, then valid gtin and
brand must be submitted -- or the item cannot be submitted,
until the valid gtin and brand can be located and submitted --

there should be no alternative or inaccurate data submitted.

otherwise, if valid gtin does not currently exist, for the physical

item, then google requires the identifier_exists attribute with a

value of no -- then, do not submit any brand, do not submit any

gtin, and do not submit any mpn, whatsoever, for that item-offer.

submitting any inaccurate or invalid global-trade-data --
including brand, gtin, or mpn, not from the manufacturer
or not stamped directly on the product/package/tag -- is a
policy violation and grounds for disapproval or suspension
from the program, at any time.

google only wants valid global-trade-data (brand, gtin, or sometimes mpn),
that currently exists, has already been assigned by the manufacturer, and
is identical for all merchants submitting the same item-offer.

brand, mpn, and gtin are for manufacturer's
valid global-trade-data -- not merchant data.

see also