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How do I change the google product category

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Old thread I know but quick question; 


Is there a way to change product categories on site without it affecting AdWords shopping campaign? (Feed is generated and mapped using site structure). 


For example: Category on site is 'Nike Shoes' so that is currently broken down in AdWords as All Products > Nike Shoes > Item ID. If the product changed to Nike Men's Shoes - this shopping structure would stop working right?


Also, if changing these categories will affect the shopping campaign - is it possible to change the site/feed in a way that changes in product categories doesn't impact campaign in future? 



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How do I change the google product category

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That depends on your data feed, first check how your your adwords account is broken down. Is it All Products > Product Type > Item ID or is it All Products > Category > Item ID or is it using custom labels etc...

Than check how the subdivision is mapped in the data feed. If the source of the categorization is the site's breadcrumbs than yes this might break.


Your question can only be answered by checking with the plugin, tool or web developer of the system you are using. This is not something we can give you the correct answer too.


So check how the data feed is created, and the adwords is setup. Than make adjustments as needed.


Hope it helps.

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