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How can I manage Multi Merchants subaccounts in Adwords ?

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Hi everyone,


I would like to manage subaccount that was created in Multi Merchant Center account


The main Merchant Center account has 1000 subaccounts


I have linked the Multi Merchant Center with Adwords


The problem is when I log to Adwords I cannot see any subaccounts ?


I have searched if there is a way to link all subaccount to Adwords with Content API for Shopping


I could not find anything


Thanks in advance for your help




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Re: How can I manage Multi Merchants subaccounts in Adwords ?

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linking merely allows the submitted product-data to be
seen within the linked-account's shopping-campaigns --
there is no account-management associated with linking.

all submitted data is merely funneled into a linked account's shopping-campaign.

a merchant-center-multi-client-account is usually created
for one of two scenarios; (a) a single marketplace-website
used by multiple marketplace-client-sellers; or (b) multiple
clients with one website per client.

account-linking may be one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-one --
however, there is no account-management associated with any linking.

generally, the linked account is assumed to already exist --
management is done via either a my-client-center-account,
with each client handled by the one my-client-center-account;
or, multiple, individual, client-accounts -- where each client
handles their own shopping-campaign; or some combination.


the content-api can handle product-data or sub-account management,

such as linking -- but the content-api has nothing whatever to do with

the linked-account's shopping-campaigns.


if a merchant-center-multiple-client-account is used then,

sub-accounts for product-data management would be on

the main account-aggregation dashboard:

feed-management and shopping-campaign management
are not required to be done by the same entity --
linked accounts do not assume any level of account access.

otherwise, forum-members do not have access to any accounts --

we would usually need a lot more specific information to offer

more specific suggestions.


otherwise, a support specialist may be contacted directly.