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How can I know why my account suspened?

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I just got email that my account suspened, but it run smooth over 1 month, and we are sure not violate any policy, can google shopping tell me the reason?



Your Merchant Center account has been suspended and your product listings no longer appear on Google Shopping. Please note that a suspension notification message is also displayed in your Merchant Center account. In addition, related Merchant Center accounts might also get suspended

Re: How can I know why my account suspened?

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I'm sorry you are facing difficulties with your account. Unfortunately, when it comes to disapproval/suspension, only Google can assist. This is due to account specific data being required in order to address the problem.


Suspension can happen at anytime, regardless of successful uploads in the past, although, if you have made any changes recently then this could be something to consider.

You will have received an email from Google about the suspension and this should detail the issues your account is having. If you have not received this, then please check within the diagnostics area of your Google Merchant Center account for further error reporting.

Community members cannot speculate the reasoning behind suspension, so your best bet would be to contact Google directly and try to resolve with them

Please use the links above to select your chosen method of contact.