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How To Segment Shopify Products in Google Shopping Campaign

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Hello, I'm trying to set up a Google Shopping campaign for my client. The issue I'm having is all her product types are one type: doormat
So this means I'd have to import all her products as one giant import (150 products, but each have variants totaling to about 2K products). This would be messy and not organize it for quick management. 
So I'm looking for a solution to segment her products by collection or tags. Is this possible? I do have a Shopping app installed 
I'm waiting on their support to confirm if I can or how to segment by Tags into Google Shopping.
Finally, with all the variants, is there a way to make this segmented as well so it doesn't appear as individual products in the Merchant feed? Or would I have to manually sort this in excel and enter the product tags in the Custom Field which would also include the Variants?
Any tips or insight appreciated, thanks.
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Re: How To Segment Shopify Products in Google Shopping Campaign

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there are two distinct segmentation issues:

(a) submitting product inventory data --

google requires that only physical items be submitted, each item individually.

an item representing a group of variants, virtual offers,
parent-products, or similar, are never, ever, allowed and
are otherwise grounds for disapproval, or suspension from
the program, at any time.

however, google does not require all physical items in inventory be submitted;
about the only way to prevent variants as individual products in the merchant

feed data is to simply not submit variants, or submit only one variant item --
for example, submit only the red-8x10-doormat and no others, or submit only
best-selling variants, not all potential variants in current inventory.

if more than one variant is submitted, google requires
proper identical item_group_id and proper unique variant
attributes, such as color and size, for each individual
product variant submitted -- submitted individually, one
per physical item.


if variants differ by color, a separate product image is also required.


if variants differ by price, a separate landing-page is also required --

either via server-side-scripts and url-parameters or separate pages.


for example, the red-8x10-mat must be submitted separately

and individually from the same product variant blue-8x10-mat;

color and size are required to have only one, single, value each --

each single value corresponding to one, each, exact, physical

inventory item, that is being sold and shipped to the customer,

or is otherwise a policy violation.


submitting groups of variants, as one item,

is a policy violation, and is never allowed.

(b) shopping-ads and product-groups --

all physical inventory items are funneled into the same linked ad-account.

items are grouped together in product-groups based on attributes.

for example, the product_type attribute may be submitted and used to
segment items more accurately, or with greater specificity, than with
the google_product_category attribute:

Outdoor Doormats > Natural Rubber > Square
Indoor Doormats > Polypropylene > Rectangular

in that way, product-groups may be created based on feature,
or material, and then bid higher for one group, over another --

for example, bidding higher on all natural-rubber doormats.

if more abstract segmentation, sets of products, are wanted,
to implement a bidding strategy, based on a business-goal,
for example, such as high-margin or low-margin items, then

custom-label attributes may be added within the submitted

merchant-center data and used in the shopping-campaign.

for details on how to submit variants properly, with proper item_group_id
and proper variant-attributes such as color and size, for each individual
item, or how to add the product_type or custom_label_0 attributes, the best
likely course is to contact whoever is currently supporting the shopping-app
being used -- for example, shopify-support.

see also


How To Segment Shopify Products in Google Shopping Campaign

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Thank you so much for the quick and thorough response! I will review your notes and follow up with any other questions and concerns. Thanks again and have a great weekend!

How To Segment Shopify Products in Google Shopping Campaign

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Regarding point A, all her product variants are accepted because each has their own unique ID, thus, the merchant feed regards each product as unique and separate. Items are the same price, size, weight, only distinction is their color. I suppose I can just leave this the way it is.


Ultimately, I need to create a custom field for the Collection or Tag to segment the products in the Shopping Campaign. I'm hoping this doesn't mean a manual feed of a sorted spreadsheet to import. I have contacted Shopify to see what solutions they may have to create Custom Groups.