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Help with best settings on a shopping campaign

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We are running a fairly new shopping campaign for LED light fittings. 


I have the campaigns split into ad groups and filtered into the products for that ad group with 'everything else'  set to bid £0.01


From the stats we have there are conversions on desktop and tablet but nothing on mobile and the spend on mobile was taking 55% of the budget so i have reduced the bids by 90% on mobile.


My questions are the following:


What is the best bidding method for shopping campaigns?

What is the best delivery method, i have it set at the moment to rotate the ads evenly so we can learn which products convert best. 


Is there anything else i can do to optimize the ad groups to increase conversions and reduce the cost per conversion?



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Re: Help with best settings on a shopping campaign

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Hi @Ultra Beam L as far as bidding methods (do you mean strategies?) go, often you're limited by the Account performance itself.  To use strategies such as Target CPA or Target ROAS you need a lot of conversions per month.  Although AdWords will allow you to activate these strategies with only 15 conversions over 30 days, the results with such low numbers are likely to be poor, particularly if those conversions are coming from only a relative handful of your entire product catalogue.    How you've set up the Campaign is a good start - it's important to look at the individual product level - and depending upon how many products you actually sell, it may be that for a while, when you're still gathering data, that Manual CPC is best.


Some points to consider:


Make sure you're splitting your location targets into reasonably small chunks.  For example, if you're targeting the whole USA, split your targeting by State - you'll be amazed at how much your performance varies State by State and you'll want to apply bid adjustments (once you have enough conversion data).


Don't be too quick to dismiss mobile traffic.  Mobiles are often used for exploratory searches so while you may not be seeing many conversions attributed to those devices, it could be that they're playing an important part in the path to desktop or tablet conversion.


I'm not sure what you mean by your delivery method - Shopping Campaigns don't "rotate" Ads the way that Search Campaigns can, Ads are generated by AdWords from your product feed and the product shown is the one that's triggered by the Search term used, there's no "rotation" of products displayed for searches.  The only delivery method option for Shopping is standard or accelerated display of Ads, and I would always recommend leaving this setting as Standard.



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Help with best settings on a shopping campaign

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Hi John 


Thanks for the reply. 


Interesting point about the location settings i might have a look at this and split to the UK areas so see what happens. 


I am still not convinced about mobile for our type of products i will continue with the desktop and tablet bidding for now i can start to bring in more mobile at a later stage. 


On the ad delivery there is a setting in the 'settings' section for ad rotation under the targetting section, does this not mean it will rotate the products in the adgroup. One of the things i have noticed is it is showing some products more that others i would like it to show products evenly until we have some data on conversions so we can push the biggest converters more. 


One other thing with the shopping campaign am i best to have all relevant products to one category in one ad group or does it work better having each individual product in the shopping campaign in it's own ad group?