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HTTPS / SSL during Checkout

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I understand that Google now requires HTTPS on checkout pages (for Google Shopping). However, our checkout forms (address collection, etc.) are 128-bit SSL encrypted. We pay a third-party for that. It doesn't make sense for us to pay extra for HTTPS on our domain when our checkout process is already secure.

We won't be using Merchant Center / AdWords anymore, unless Google can find a way to recognize that our checkout process is indeed secure.



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Re: HTTPS / SSL during Checkout

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the likely choices are:
either (a) do not collect any information during any checkout-flow on the
website -- that is, only allow the third-party to collect all customer data;
or (b) keep the current checkout-flow option with data collection on the
website but add the required https/ssl to the site.

product-listing-ads has had the https/ssl requirement
during any user data-collection for quite some time.


with respect to the specific website mentioned, the current, third-party,
secure, checkout-flow looks ok and is likely recognized as adhering to
the ssl/https requirements; however, the issue is likely with the additional,
optional, checkout-flow that includes insecure (shipping) data-collection
on the site - that is not allowed.

Re: HTTPS / SSL during Checkout

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Information sent from the users browser to your website needs to be encrypted, having a form that is sent over ssl is not enough. You need to secure the data that is sent from the users browser to your site. Which based on your explanation is not done. That is why Google requires you to have an SSL certificate for the domain.
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Re: HTTPS / SSL during Checkout

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We have the same problem. We would happily ad a SSL certificate to the domain, which seems fairly simple,
but we are very worried about the effect of the change upon our organic rankings/traffic to the website.
Any thoughts?

Re: HTTPS / SSL during Checkout

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there is no requirement for https/ssl on the

website if there is no user data-collection.

simply have a link on the website during checkout to the
https/ssl secure third-party payment-service -- change
the checkout-flow on the website so that no user data
whatsoever is collected on the website itself and only
list what is being purchased on the website's checkout.

if any data collection is wanted on the website then,
https/ssl is not needed on the entire website -- only
for data-collection; such as during the checkout-flow.

that said, there should be no issue with https/ssl on
the entire site in terms of organic ranking and traffic --
google indicates that the practice is, in most cases,
a positive signal.

for any questions related to organic traffic the
webmaster forums should likely be consulted

before making any changes --!categories/webmasters/crawling-indexing--ranking