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Dear Sir / Madam,


Just need a little help regarding GTIN, I know what is it and how it works but can you recommend us a site which i can purchase online or register for GTIN barcodes, EAN, we are planning to sell in UK areas only. Is There any Google accredited sites for GTIN's or Barcodes.




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Re: Gtin

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google does not require the purchase of any
gtin -- so there is no such recommendation;

there are no google-accredited sites for the

purchase of gtin and there is no such requirement.

google only requires gtin if a valid value currently exists and
has already been assigned by the product's manufacturer,
to the exact item being sold -- all merchants selling the
same item must submit the same global-trade-data.

gtin (ean, upc) is never required to be purchased.

if the required global-trade-data does not currently exist for a specific
item then, simply submit identifier_exists with an exact value of FALSE
and do not submit gtin, do not submit mpn, and do not submit brand,
for that item.


otherwise, generally, gs1 is the official supplier of gtin to brand-manufacturers.

see also

Re: Gtin

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Thanks for the reply because I am searching for this in the internet for quite some time now. and i found this.
This is a site selling for barcodes that i can assign to any of my item. Now I am asking if there is any site like this that is accredited by google.

Re: Gtin

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first, you're welcome.


the short answer is -- no.

google does not require the purchase of any bar-codes;
google does not require the purchase of any gtin;
google does not accreditate any gtin suppliers;

google does not accreditate any bar-code suppliers;

there is no such accreditation by google.

google typically rejects any merchant-assigned gtin

or merchant-assigned bar-codes -- self-assigned

gtin values are generally not allowed by google.

generally, the official supplier of gtin is
and is usually only required for manufactures
who supply inventory to other suppliers or sellers.

however, google does not require the purchase of gtin under any circumstances.


see also


Re: Gtin

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Simply to emphasize Celebird's well documented answer. If the product you sell has barcodes than you as a merchant need to supply this info in the data feed. If there is none, you can assign identifier exists to false.

If you are the manufacturer and have not assigned bar codes, than you are not required to do so.

hope it helps.
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