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Google you have officially lost your mind

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The last few days we started getting "Items preemptively disapproved due to data quality violation (Data Quality: Promotional Text or Watermarks)"


Just to give you an idea we had 70,000 products on google shopping many of these products for quiet some time.


Since last week 35,000 products have been "Preemptively disapproved" to give you an idea this product is disapproved;


The only explanation i could get off the agent is because it has a shadow????? Are you serious? This to me is a false positive but i have no way in merchant center to ask for manual review i asked the google agent to do a manual review of all 35,000 items but she didn't seem keen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


We sell Automotive Parts the majority of the images we get are from the manufacturer of the products many of them contain some text or a small logo which no one ever has had an issue with.


What does google expect here that we will go and photograph 35,000 products?


Are you people that out of touch??


Basically our ad spend with google will now be 50% of what it was just last week, congratulations google great outcome!!! Oh the timing couldn't be any better either just as the XMAS sales start..


Time to move our spend (5 figure a month account) to Facebook unless you guys can reverse this madness in the next 24 hours.

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Google you have officially lost your mind

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Please note this is a public forum and is a member to member platform. Meaning we are people like you. Take this into consideration when you say you guys. Google may read the forum posts from time to time, but will most likely never act.


As we are volunteers we try to help based on our own knowledge and what we read from Google's official documentation.


Also note when you talk to people from Google, they are not the review team and can only give you feedback from what the review team has said. So if they have replied to you with there own assumptions of the policy, than this is there own opinion. Even though they are from Google, each person will have a different understanding of the policies.


I have looked at your specific product example, but can't find an issue with it. However I did find after just 10 seconds looking the following product being in violation.


You will need to make sure all product images submitted in the data feed do not have any logos, watermarks, text, borders, etc...

Policy :


Also note that not because you or a competitor has been successfully being able to advertise for years without a suspension, means you have followed the policies. You as a merchant need to make sure you follow the marketplace policies. Manual reviews by Google are done sporadically.


I recommend you clean up all your images, manually inspect each one and remove all violations from the images. Alternatively remove the violated products from the feed.


Also note that Google will only give you an example of violations, so check every product.


Yes this is a big task, but to advertise on Google you must follow there policies.


Please remember, I'm a volunteer and am simply trying to help you.


Any complaints to Google can be submitted to them in Google Merchant top right corner > feedback.


All Policies :


Do let us know if you have more questions.


Hope it helps.

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Google you have officially lost your mind

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You can't tell me why the example I've posted is disapproved but i have no way of having it fixed or looked at this is completely bonkers.


Google is making a very big miss play here nobody is going to change years and years worth of back catalog just for google.


Also let me tell you the system does not work well at all! We sell car speakers the physical product has the brand logo as a badge on the product these products are being disapproved because google thinks it's a watermark.


So basically nobody can sell any electronics as they all tend to do this.


We will just stop spending a significant amount of money with google as will tens of thousands of other retailers Google has ruined overnight this once very successful product.

Google you have officially lost your mind

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for flagged images, be certain that there are no additonal_image_link
images being submitted -- sometimes, the issue is with the additional
images and simply removing all additional-images, for a flagged item,
will trigger an automated re-review and un-flag the item, after 72-hours.

product-packaging with text can certainly trigger a policy-flag --
sometimes a manufacture will have an alternate view of a product,
available for merchants, that shows only the physical item, but
without any packaging, boxes, or text.

image-backgrounds must be entirely white or entirely transparent.

google may update their violation-detection systems at any time --
as was indicated, having items listed for years does not necessarily
indicate that the items were not in violation of the policies, or that
the policies were not updated by google.

generally, items with preemptive disapproval-flags must be removed from
the feed until a change is made to potentially fix the issue; then, the item
may be re-added to the feed, using the same id, and the feed resubmitted.

as was indicated, this is primarily a peer-to-peer public forum --
forum-members can mainly offer suggestions based on details
posted here in public.

google is the final arbiter of all policies.

see also


Google you have officially lost your mind

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I don't agree google has made a high level decision without considering all the side effects.


Basically any merchant that sells car parts / electronics will not be able to comply with google.


Clearly they don't consider these industries big enough to cater for so if that's googles attitude we will spend our money else where.