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Google spreadsheet data feed

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Trying to get spreadsheet sorted with just 1 product, then I can expand but something is wrong: This is what I am using so far?


can anyone help me please, Cheers Pete


id = RC090MHXEA

title: Samsung 9kW Air Source Heat Pump

Description = The Samsung Air Source Heat Pump is an all-in-one system with highly efficient heat pump technology that keeps your house at a comfortable temperature and your heating costs low all year round. - This economical and ecological system lowers your energy costs and CO2 emissions saving you money and helping the environment. It is compact, quiet and energy efficient with simple to use controls, inverter technology, weather compensation and many other unique features. It represents excellent value for money. - The Samsung Air Source Heat Pump is the ultimate Eco friendly heating system. Although it uses electricity, it is over 3 times more efficient than the other more conventional forms of heating. - Weight: 83kg - Size: 940mm x 998m x 330mm - Operating range: -25 – 35o - Water connection (In/Out) : 1.0/1.0 inch

link =

Condition = New

price = 1899

availabity = in stock

image link =

brand = Samsung

gtin = 5055538918971 (not sure on this one, found on another site)

mpn = (not sure again using ID code) RC090MHXEA

Google product cat = Hardware > Renewable Energy

Shipping = GB::Courier:95:00GBP                          

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Re: Google spreadsheet data feed

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(1) checkout (on the website) must be https/ssl secure --
customer data cannot be collected without being secure.

(2) all in stock items must be physically in your stock.

(3) any global-trade-data submitted (brand, gtin, mpn)
must be assigned by the brand-manufacturer to the

exact physical product being sold; any gtin submitted

must be stamped directly on the product or package; e.g.
global-trade-data cannot be approximated or self-assigned.

(4) shipping must be either exactly correct or
an overestimate for the majority of users within
the registered feed's target-country and must
contain exactly three (3) colons -- exactly as

google defines in their specifications e.g.

GB::Courier:95.00 GBP

(5) all information submitted should use plain text --
without any special symbols or formatting; especially

the description, must be on one, single, contiguous

line (cell) without any line-breaks, new-lines, or similar.

(6) price should contain a number and valid 3-letter currency; e.g.
1899.00 GBP


(7) there is no such attribute as Google product cat --

the attribute (column heading) name should be exactly:



(8) a google-spreadsheet cannot be registered as

a data-feed if a google-apps-account is being used.

see also


Re: Google spreadsheet data feed

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Hi Celebird

I will work through these points.

1) SSL would i still need this if i took payment through paypal and no credit details were taken through the site?

2) We are a drop shipment company these items are in stock but not with us, what would i put regards this?

Re: Google spreadsheet data feed

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(1) yes, checkout-flow can use almost any https/ssl gateway (e.g. paypal);
however, the site would need to change to display only the cart;
collecting any customer information whatsoever -- such as name,
address, email, etc. -- not just credit details -- would need to be
either (a) https/ssl secure or (b) removed altogether from the site.

(2) unfortunately, drop-ship and similar supply-chains
are simply not allowed with respect to google-shopping
or product-listing-ads (shopping-campaigns); submitting
such items is grounds for permanent suspension from
the program, at any time.

however, there are many other adwords campaign-types --
other than shopping-campaigns/product-listing-ads --

that might be used:

see also