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Google shopping "everything else" folder

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Hi Guys,

I need a little help with my Google shopping feed, I having trouble accessing certain items.


I have a feed I've seperated into all products, then into brands, 6 brands in total. but I have around 25 items for each brand that have been placed into the "everything else" folder.


I have no wish to place the same bid for all these items, how do I seperate them out of this folder (everything else) and into the the brand folder?


Any help will be well recieved.






Re: Google shopping "everything else" folder

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Hi @Stephen H


I guess there is no issue with the feed, you just need to structure you adgroup.

In your adgroup, click all products (+) then bifurcate the products into Brands (PFB screenshots)







If in case all brands does not show up then i would suggest to create different adgroup for few brands or for each brand depending on how you want to structure/ manage



Google shopping "everything else" folder

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Hi Stephen 

if they do not have a brand in the feed - then they will drop into "everything else" given the structure you are describing above. 


Depending on the setting within the campaign you should be able to subdivide "everything else" into ID - or "product type" (for example) and then ID.


Alternatively you could set up a new campaign within the inventory filter (Advance shopping settings) set to specific attribute in the feed that does NOT contain a brand (if you have this) or use a custom label in the feed and then split to ID in order to bid at an ID level. if you do this just ensure that you exclude the products (everything else) within the original campaign