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Google shop Items doesn't come out

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Hi All,



Just got a issue in google shopping. I had uploaded a feed with around 10 products grouped by their parent product ID. Then I created an activated google campaign to link with this feed.


After a while, there is one product displayed in google shop, but just one, seems others are not willing to come out. If any one can give me any advice ? Appricated for your help.



Many thanks

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Re: Google shop Items doesn't come out

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generally, items may take 24-72 hours or so to be assigned a stable status
before being seen in the linked account's shopping-campaign; only items
with a searchable status may be migrated to the linked account.

check individual item-status by clicking on an item's
title under the products-tab of the merchant-center.

only variant-products are allowed to be grouped; grouped (variant) items
must have identical item_group_id values and at least one, valid, unique,
variant attribute -- for all items in the variant group.

the variant attributes are color, size, material, pattern --

only one, single, value is allowed per variant attribute.

there are other rules and policies for variants; for example,
related to link landing-pages and image_link product images --
depending on the exact type of variant item.

otherwise, items should usually not be grouped
and only the parent item should be submitted.

then, for the (searcable) items to be seen
in the shopping-campaign, the products
must match an active product-group for
the target-country.

be certain items are submitted with high quality data and have been
assigned a competitive bid with enough budget to cover the auctions.

only items with enough bid and quality that win a slot in the ad-auctions can
be seen on google-shopping -- analyze the impressions and clicks within the
shopping-campaign to verify items are being seen; doing searches directly on
google-shopping is not a reliable method to verify items can be seen by others.

otherwise, forum members cannot look into the feed or accounts --
we would typically need a lot more specific information, posted
here within the public forums, to offer more specific suggestions.

otherwise, a merchant-center, shopping-campaign,
support-specialist may be contacted directly.

see also

Re: Google shop Items doesn't come out

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In your case not always will variants be displayed. For example if we look at the impression rate with a T Shirt mostly all colors will be shown, but not all sizes or non at all.

This is because Google only shows relevant products, the likely hood you are not seeing it is because Google thinks its not relevant.

Using the Shopping search is generally a bad idea to find if your products are listed and I recommend using the keywords or dimensions tool to find out what is going on.

I hope this helps.
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