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Google's Technical Issues with Disapproved Shopping Feeds?

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When i upload my Google Shopping Feed, it is showing me following errors.


Invalid URL in attribute : Link
Invalid URL in attribute: Image Link


I have checked the URL, and it is working fine.

I tried to upload the feed in Text file and XML file but in both cases, i am getting same errors.

Can someone please point the errors in these URL.


Link -


Image Link -


I need immediate assistance with this as my google shopping account is suspended for 4 years due to this.

When i contact Google Team they forward me link to Google Shopping policy violation.

I have read but cannot figure our what is wrong with the Urls.




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Re: Google's Technical Issues with Disapproved Shopping Feeds?

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Hi Vinay

The link provides a pop-up which cannot be closed. Requiring registration. This is a violation in your landing page -

"Users should not be required to log in or register in order to view your product offer on your landing page"
The key elements of the offer (title, description, image, price, currency, availability, buy button) must be visible (e.g. not obstructed by any pop-ups).


Re: Google's Technical Issues with Disapproved Shopping Feeds?

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I would also check the https vs. http version of your URL.

Re: Google's Technical Issues with Disapproved Shopping Feeds?

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This answer is already mentioned but want to emphasize what @Tom_Wilson said, your landing page is considered information harvesting.

As an aside note, there is not much point showing me that tailors are coming to Australia or USA. If your customer is from London, than showing this is a bit pointless. Just a helpful tip.
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