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Google products Feed error

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Hi guys

I don't know if you guys can help but i get this message on my products feed on every single item and have had our webmaster take  look and both the sale price and sale effective price is also empty so I'm unsure what this issues? has anyone else had this issue by chance?


The two attributes describing a sale, 'sale price' and 'sale price effective date', must both be provided or both omitted. If 'sale price' is empty, 'sale price effective date' must be empty too. Below is an example product from the ffed. Any assistance would be much appreciated! 



480cb84 Taza Stone Ground Cinnamon Flavour Chocolate - 77G Disk - Dated: 28/01 4.99 Cinnamon is the traditional partner to chocolate in Mexico. We grind whole cinnamon sticks together with organic Dominican cacao using Oaxacan stone mills. Our simple stone-ground process gives Taza Cinnamon Chocolate Mexicano its intense flavour and distinctive rustic texture. Makes a great Mexican hot chocolate.50% Dark Chocolate. Ingredients: Organic roasted cacao beans, organic cane sugar, and organic cinnamon. May contain traces of tree nuts and/or peanuts. new :Smiley Frustratedtandard:0.00,::Mainland UK Delivery:4.50 898456001111 Taza Chocolate 898456001111 Taza Mexicano Disks,Taza Stoneground Chocolate Food, Beverages & Tobacco > Food Items > Sweets & Chewing Gum > Sweets & Chocolate > Chocolate Bars 6 in stock

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Re: Google products Feed error

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Can you post a link to a sample of the feed you're using? Just one item should be enough. I need to see what column headings you're using. It looks like you're not providing what you are asked to provide.

Re: Google products Feed error

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unfortunately, forum members cannot look into the feed or accounts.

generally, unused values for a tab-delimited feed must be entirely
empty -- without any stray spaces or similar hidden characters
and without any quotation-marks -- such details are not within
the posted example product.

if the attributes are never used (all blank) simply delete those entire columns.

for an xml feed such attributes should not be submitted, at all.

also, be certain that the message is being seen within the
merchant-center -- not under a third-party console or similar.

if a third-party is handling the feed then, the best likely course is
to contact the third-party support directly -- e.g. ekm-powershop.

otherwise, try posting more specific information -- such as the
registered feed details, a screen-capture of the exact messages
being seen, the exact first-line feed header, the exact feed data
being submitted, including delimiters -- using the insert-code
feature here in the forum, or a public link to a sample feed file.

otherwise, a product-listing-ads, merchant-center
feed, support-specialist may be contacted directly.

Re: Google products Feed error

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Hi Alasdair,


I'm seeing that you have spaces instead of tabs in the row you included in your question. This may be because of a copy/paste problem when you put it into your post.


Can you confirm that you are using tabs instead of spaces in your actual feed file? Also, have you tried using the currency units in the normal price? Example: 4.99 USD